Warzone 2: How to play the game on Steam Deck

Warzone 2 is finally here and many are wondering if the game can be played on Steam Deck.

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By Rohit Kohli | Jan 14, 2023 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


Warzone 2 is finally here and many are wondering if the game can be played on Steam Deck. While the new game is high on great moments, the hunger for the battle royale action lingers. However, players can run the game on Valve’s handheld console Steam Deck.

In this article, we will discuss how can players fire up Warzone 2 on Steam Deck. Here is everything you need to know about the workaround.

Can Warzone 2 be played on Steam Deck?

Warzone 2 was launched on Steam for the first time, but it did not work seamlessly with SteamOS, the Linux variation that works on the handheld Steam Deck. While the list of supported games continues to grow, the compatibility layer to get Windows games running on Linux upgrades with every update. CoD isn’t supported at the moment.

The reason behind it is the game’s use of Richochet anti-cheat. To get the type of online gameplay that Warzone offers, it needs to latch onto core parts of Windows that aren’t available on Linux.

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Is Warzone coming to Steam Deck?

With a small player base on Linux, it doesn’t make a lot of sense for Activision to port the game natively. As of now, the only way players can play Warzone on Steam Deck is through dual booting.

Warzone 2 Steam Deck best settings

As Warzone 2 is currently tied with the Modern Warfare 2 engine, running this on Steam Deck is pretty smooth. Players will be locked to 800p, likely medium settings, but mostly, it will run smoothly at 60FPS. It could work well on smaller screens. It’s best to run the game in performance mode.

The main game has been noticed to hitch during intense moments, but so far players have not experienced anything seriously wrong with Warzone 2 on Steam Deck. People playing the game through must download a controller driver.

Players are advised to use SWICD. It might not be an ideal option but it sure fits the job. For people using Steam, the game will identify Steam Deck as a Steam Controller.

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