Warzone 2: How can players check their stats in the game?

Players might have pulled their teams out of difficult situations many times in Warzone 2, but what do they have to show it for?

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Players might have pulled their teams out of difficult situations many times in Warzone 2, but what do they have to show it for? Teammates might insist that they did the heavy lifting, but in reality, the players carried the whole team on their shoulders. This is where statistics become crucial.

With stats, players will be able to delve deep into Al Mazrah and check out the most important elements to show that they are the one who deserves some accolades. In this article, we will discuss how to check out stats in Warzone 2.

How to check stats in Warzone 2

Players will be able to find all their statistics outside of their matches. Here’s how players can open it up and check out their statistics:

  • Players need to launch Warzone 2 from CoD HQ.
  • Now, they need to open up the top-right in-game menu by pressing Options/Start/ESC.
  • Then, they need to select Stats.

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Similar to MW2 at its launch, Warzone 2’s stats aren’t available readily to players in-game. The only way is to check out multiplayer stats from MW2 multiplayer matches. Warzone 2 stats are expected to be added to the game with a future update, similar to MW2’s combat record was brought to the game in the first major update after the game was released.

It’s only a matter of days until stats such as the K/D ratio will be available for Warzone 2 players. The feature will be available starting December 14, however, it won’t show players’ previous kills and deaths they have accumulated over their season one playthrough.

Players should be able to select this and view their stats in Battle Royale such as Kill/Death ratio, most kills, wins, losses, score, and much more in the coming days.

How to play third-person in Warzone 2?

Similar to MW2, the third-person mode isn’t something players can just switch to mid-game. Warzone 2 players will only be able to play in third-person mode if they queue up for matches in third-person-only playlists. It’s been a few days since the game came out, and currently, there is only one third-person exclusive playlist, namely third-person Trios.

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