Virtus Pro Rainbow Siege Six Roster goes inactive after underwhelming year had a disappointing 2021. From COVID-19 scares to results that didn’t match previous performances.


As per a tweet from the company’s official Twitter account, the roster has gone “inactive” on December 27. It’s still unclear what “inactive” means in terms of a precise numerical figure for inactive players and players that will be retained for 2022, but the team can see an overhaul, according to the tweet.

Pavel “p4sh4” Kosenko will give more information in a YouTube video, posted on’s channel. His presence means that the company will continue with his services for 2022, but that can’t be said for sure. “We are working on rebuilding the team prior to the start of the season in February 2022,” the announcement read. had a disappointing 2021. From COVID-19 scares to results that didn’t match previous performances, the second year of the pandemic hasn’t been very kind on the team. The team couldn’t make it to the top four of EUL once during the year, even though they finished third in EUL during 2020.

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The team’s spot in EUL 2022 is confirmed, but their season has come to an end. The only thing left to do is regroup their roster in a way that they can perform similar to how they used to.

Recently, Team Liquid also had made a big addition to its CS: GO squad. The team has brought one of the best players of CS: GO to their active roster. With this signing, the hopes of fans have gone higher than before.

Team Liquid has dominated in many titles over the years, thanks to their consistent and top-tier performances. Their first appearance on the CS: GO scene was back in 2015, and Team Liquid has never looked back since then. After a mixed spell of rewards, the team has created a buzz with its new signing.

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