Violetgrass Genshin Impact location: Where to find it?

Genshin Impact features a small purple flower called Violetgrass.

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Genshin Impact features a small purple flower called Violetgrass, with downward-petals that don’t let its fragrance dissipate. This plant is a Liyue local specialty and players can use it to cook ingredients for certain dishes.

There are two characters in the game that need Violetgrass as an ascension material which are Xinyan and Qiqi. This local specialty can be found on the cliffside of several mountains across Liyue. We have listed down places where players can find all the Violetgrass in the game.

41 Violetgrass in Lisha

Violegrass in Lisha is grouped near each other, so players should try to target to farm in this area. However, players will have to plan their route first since there is only one waypoint near the Violetgrass.

45 Violetgrass in Minlin

This area packs the most Violetgrass in the game’s Liyue. Players can start looking from the north of Mt. Aocang, move to the northeast of Jueyun Karst, and stop at Jingyun Peak. Players will have to do a lot of sprinting and climbing at this site.

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19 Violetgrass in Wuwang Hill

Players can start looking for Violetgrass in Wuwang Hill on the north side of Liyue. Take advantage of the teleport waypoint to move from one point to another.

21 Violetgrass in Qiongji Estuary

The Violetgrass in Qiongji Estuary, Liyue, can be found in different locations. Players can also skip this location, as it could take a lot of time. However, they might want to consider this area if they’re going to collect all 168 Violetgrass for the characters in a day.

41 Violetgrass in Sal Terrae

Players can divide this area into sites, Mingyun Village and Sal Terrae. Although most of the Violetgrass can be seen in Mingyun Village, it wouldn’t hurt players’ stamina to collect the one on Sal Terrae because it is near to a waypoint.

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