Valorant won the award of Best Esports game of 2022

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Game Awards 2022 has finally been announced and Valorant has come out on top! The competition is between four other games and Riot Games’ first-person shooter, Valorant, took the crown for Best eSports Game at The Game Awards 2022. Last year, at the awards ceremony at the annual Best Game award, League of Legends was named Best Video Sports Game. The Valorant Champions Tour, which has become one of the biggest events in the Esports community, certainly helped the game win this year’s title. Valorant won the award of Best Esports game of 2022

Valorant won the award

Surprisingly Valorant was released in 2021, and less than a year after its release, Riot Games has already started hosting official tournaments. In this short time, Valorant has quickly become famous against opponents, especially Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO). Besides Valorant, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and DOTA 2. League of Legends and Rocket League were also nominated.

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The annual Game Awards also honour Yay as the Top Esports Athlete of the Year. He tweeted: “Winning Esports Athlete of the Year by @thegameawards! It’s crazy to be chosen from among so many other talented people who work hard in the sports field! Electronics, so I’m forever grateful. All I can say is thank the community and everyone I’ve met for helping me here now.” The list of top Esports athletes includes Chovy, Faker, Karrigan, and S1mple.

The e-sports rankings show that Valorant Champions 2022 has reached over one million peak views and more than five hundred million average viewers. The tournament, which runs from late August to September 19, has a total prize pool of US$1 million. The annual award ceremony, the Game Awards, hosted by Geoff Keighley, lists the best releases and achievements in the gaming industry. To decide the winner, the awards ceremony used a combined voting system where 90% of the votes were cast by a selected jury and the remaining 10% came from the public.

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