Valorant upcoming agent teased: Release date, power, ability, All you need to know

Bits of information were scattered around the game for the players to gather, decipher, and make sense of.

The Valorant upcoming Agent has been the topic of conversation in the Valorant community recently. Bits of information were scattered around the game for the players to gather, decipher, and make sense of. Riot has left clues for the community to follow, from Night Market’s latest card to the voice lines that were recently added to Chamber.

Valorant fans may have heard the new Agent’s voice during the pre-show for the Valorant Champions grand final. Acend and Gambit are battling it out in the final of this year’s Championship. Artists such as Zedd and Grabbitz will perform at the event, which is also star-studded.

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Valorant Upcoming Agent 19

The preshow for the grand final at Valorant Champions 2021 opened with a previously broadcast promo for the Championship. Static interrupts the voice-over, and a figure on the screen filled with lines of code appears. Someone seems to have hacked into the promo.

The voice lines are broken up by static, and the majority of them are spoken in English. ‘Lintik KAY/O’ appears to be the unique Filipino phrase. On Twitter, Kai|Qgle expresses it this way:

“Lintik” means “Lightning” in Filipino and the full expression is “Malintikan sana kayo” or “I hope you get struck by lightning” but in modern times, we just say “Lintik kayo” instead.

‘Hope they like getting hit by lightning,’ she says next, referring to the lightning. This is also consistent with the lore, as it is claimed that she would provide the power source required for Killjoy to complete her new project.

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The additional voice lines added in patch 3.12 for Chamber also hint to the same conclusion. He informs Reyna, Sage, Brimstone, and Killjoy about a young prickly Radiant he has discovered who can help Killjoy with his power source problem.

‘I go fast,’ says the Agent towards the end of the promo. This recalls Chamber’s remark that Jetty needed some competition when she called her snappy. The new Agent is said to be a young Filipino Radiant from Manila with electrical abilities. She’ll also have a significant role in the Alpha-Omega Bridge.

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