Valorant server status: How to check server status, outages for Valorant

Just like any multiplayer game, server issues go hand in hand with Valorant as well.

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Riot’s tactical shooter Valorant sees thousands of new players on a daily basis. But just like any multiplayer game, server issues go hand in hand with Valorant as well. The fans of the game might be experiencing several errors such as the infamous error code 43.

The game developer is communicative in how it takes care of these issues, explaining exactly what the developers are doing to manage these issues. A player’s best bet is to check the Valorant Twitter account, which has been updating the players on a regular basis on Valorant’s status.

The game is also featured on the Riot Games Service Status page. Updates for all the company’s games such as League of Legends, and Legends of Runeterra, are both available on the Service Status page. Any errors usually come with a timestamp for when they began and sometimes include a time frame for when the servers will be back to normal functioning.

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And players who are getting pesky error messages can head to Valorant’s support page and see the list of errors, their meaning, and how to potentially solve them. Riot also has a Valorant support section on its website with urgent notifications placed at the top.

Besides, Riot Games has unveiled Valorant’s new agent named Neon through a cinematic video. The video clip showcases the character and her powers, and it confirms that she’ll arrive in Valorant with the next update.

Neon has the ability to bounce off a wall before creating some sort of ground effect, but it’s not really clear what impact it has. Moreover, she has the ability that seems to be a solid beam of electricity that she can fire at enemies.

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