Valorant new agent: Everything to know about new Valorant agent Neon

Riot Games has unveiled Valorant’ new agent named Neon through a cinematic video.

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Riot Games has unveiled Valorant’ new agent named Neon through a cinematic video. The video clip showcases the character and her powers, and it confirms that she’ll arrive in Valorant with the next update.

In the trailer, Neon can be seen relaxing in her bedroom as she reviews intelligence information given to her by Sage. She falls asleep on her bed and dreams, and we get a glimpse of her gameplay and abilities as she aims to take over the game’s matches with her speed and powers.

Based on what she is dreaming, it looks like Neon will have the ability to sprint and slide, but she can’t shoot her weapon while she does any of that. Another one of her abilities seems to create two walls of electricity that seem similar to Phoenix’s firewalls.

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Besides, she has the ability to bounce off a wall before creating some sort of ground effect, but it’s not really clear what impact it has. Moreover, she has the ability that seems to be a solid beam of electricity that she can fire at enemies.

Well, the trailer gives a lot of hints, we still don’t know the specifics of Neon’s abilities or exactly what they do until Riot Games officially announces those details sometime before she takes over the game. Valorant’s latest update will bring Episode 4: Disruption, and it’s expected to arrive soon, along with a whole new battle pass.

The Valorant community will be excited to receive the first agent in Episode 4 Act 1, which is expected to drop on January 12. Neon is said to be a Duelist, as her features and abilities suggest the same. She was teased with a cryptic message during the Valorant Champions finals, where a female voice said “Enemies in our way? I hope they like getting by lightning” and “I go fast.”

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