VALORANT Mobile Beta: Testing Live For Invited Participants

VALORANT Mobile is one of the most talked about mobile game in the recent time, and it deserves all of the attention it has been getting. VALORANT has grown to be one of the most loved and lucrative AAA Games in the recent days, and Riot venturing into mobile games just adds more to the already existing fanbase the game enjoys. To add to the curiosity of the people, it is now coming to light the VALORANT Mobile Beta Testing has already started. A handful of select participants are being given the opportunity to take part in the testing of the new game.

What is disheartening for the fans is that the game is yet to be made more accessible for more open beta testing. There isn’t a release date available yet, but people are excited that some progess is being made in the game.

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VALORANT Mobile Beta: Testing Live For Invited Participants

The leaks, and now the page, doesn’t really ensure that the game is going to be available for people. However, what was noticed that there a Parental control that was enabled. According to Leakers On Duty, this Beta testing is still a work in progress, and is a prototype of the game. Those invited to play also have to sign a NDA so they can not share any information with regards to the game.

Last glimpse of the game was seen when there was a Chinese beta testing that was going on. What was common between the two was that the gameplay of that footage was very close to what was being seen otherwise. The game then appeared to promise a console-like experience when full mobile gameplay was also revealed. It’s probable that Riot is now testing the game internationally. However, nothing can be guaranteed because there hasn’t been a formal statement.

Having said that, Riot officially unveiled Valorant Mobile last year, in case you haven’t already heard. It has been quite calm since the announcement. This is all the information we currently have on the private beta unless Riot Games releases any additional information or gamers provide other details. The release of Warzone Mobile and the beta testing of Rainbow Six Mobile coincide with this and other significant FPS-related news.

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