Valorant India Invitational attracts an astounding 9 million or more viewers, with 6 million of those watching the LAN finals alone in Hindi

The tournament's size and popularity, as well as the potential of the nation's diversified Esports audience, are demonstrated by its over 9 million global spectators.

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Galaxy Racer (GXR) was founded in 2019 and is the largest esports, gaming and lifestyle organisation in the world. With its market presence in the Middle East and North Africa, Southeast Asia, South Asia, and Europe, the renowned talent incubator currently has over 100 content creators amassing 500 million followers, and over 2.5 billion monthly views. Galaxy Racer’s 5 key verticals include Competitive Teams (Nigma Galaxy, the merger between Team Nigma and Galaxy Racer), Content Creators (GXR Creators), Content & Events Production (GXR Studios), Consumer Goods (GXR Limited), and GXR Records, a newly established record label. GXR invests in content creators to help them achieve their personal milestones in a structured and sustainable manner. GXR provides creators with lead generation, business development solutions, brand endorsement deals, creator collaborations, digital rights management, online and offline event opportunities, platform monetization solutions, social media management, and content development. Valorant India Invitational attracts an astounding 9 million or more viewers, with 6 million of those watching the LAN finals alone in Hindi

Valorant India Invitational attracts

On December 6, 2022, in New Delhi: A staggering 9 million+ spectators watched the Valorant India Invitational LAN finals on Galaxy Racer’s YouTube & Twitch channels, as well as on the Glance Gaming platforms, which were hosted by Galaxy Racer (GXR) and supported by AMD. 6 million people watched the Hindi commentary for India’s biggest international sporting event.

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Paper Rex, a Singaporean professional team, defeated Team Heretics, a renowned team from Spain, 3-1 to win the championship and receive US$50,000 in prize money. The robust Hindi-speaking community (HSMs) in India, which hosted the first-ever mega-international level valiant event, praised their bravery as well.

The nail-biting grand finale featured eight of the most well-known teams in the globe, including two Indian outfits. All the competing teams displayed power play and fierce competition during the LAN finals at the GMR Arena in Hyderabad last month.

Expressing their excitement at playing their inaugural LAN event in India

“Valorant India Invitational and Sunburn Music Festival in Hyderabad was absolutely something special for us as a team,” the spectators from Team Heretics stated. It was amazing to compete against other teams from the APAC region in our first LAN as a team. We were incredibly loved by the Indian community and cannot wait to return soon.

Similar sentiments were expressed by Alecks, the Paper Rex coach: “Even if the delays were regrettable, the hospitality of the tournament organisers as well as the applause from the crowd were unprecedented. I had a great experience in India, especially the food, which sometimes included a high level of risk in exchange for a great reward.

Thanks to the Valorant India Invitational, Indian esports fans got to see some of Valorant’s biggest players and teams compete against one another for the first time. The size of the gathering and the fans’ responses demonstrate the potential of this PC game in India, particularly in light of recent breakthroughs like the fusion of music and Esports.

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