VALORANT Harbor Agent launch celebration: Riot Games introduces mural art and billboards

By Tanisha Wankhade | Jan 14, 2023 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


Riot Games has today disclosed its fresh and thrilling mural art and billboards to enjoy the accomplishment of VALORANT’s release of its first desi agent with the Indian gaming community. Motivating the Indian gaming community to enter in on its celebration, the bright mural & billboards have been spread over prime areas in India, showing Riot’s devotion to the accumulating gaming community in India. VALORANT Harbor Agent launch celebration: Riot Games introduces mural art and billboards.

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Because of the devotion to the Indian market, synergizing with regional fans, and establish hyperlocal experiences to fascinate and motivate gamers over the country, Riot Games newly released its first-ever desi agent Harbor in VALORANT.

With a colorful wall painting extended across the road featuring Harbor’s invention of an ancient artifact, high-speed chases over the streets, and more, the mural covers an region of 8400 sq ft at Shahid Bhagat Singh Marg Road, Colaba, South Mumbai (locationion link).

This mural, which evaluates Harbor’s water-bending abilities and roguishly fascinating attitude, is bright, and energetic, and will certainly fits well with Indian fans. Like that, having a total of 17 billboards calling attention to the names of creators and institutions at the heart of the VALORANT community, the ambition intends for to enjoy their contributions and the achievement of VALORANT thus far.

These billboards can be placed at prime areas all over the country, adding cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi NCR & Baroda. This release also arrives at a favorable time, when online gaming has been accumulating exponentially in India. With the new declaration of Esports being acknowledged as an official multi-sports event in India.

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