Valorant Give Back Bundle: How to get it?

By Tanisha Wankhade | Nov 25, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


The makers of Valorant, Riot Games, have proved earlier and now again that they are not just about the game. They have discover a route to give back to those in need via the Valorant Give Back Bundle and the Riot Games Social Impact Fund. The campaign was started last year and boosted an astonishing US$5.5 million for charity. Valorant’s Give Back Bundle will come back this year, as per Riot Games. The business aspires to keep on the tradition by enabling players to elect on the four weapon skins added in the package. Valorant Give Back Bundle: How to get it?

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The Give Back Bundle includes the following things:

  • Neptune Vandal (1775 VP)
  • Gaia’s Vengeance Ghost (1775 VP)
  • Forsaken Operator (1775 VP)
  • Magepunk Spectre (1775 VP)
  • Give Back gun buddy (975 VP)
  • Give Back player card (775 VP)
  • Give Back spray (675 VP)

Price and Date

The whole bundle will make you pay 6,382 Valorant Points. Gamers can select to buy each item separately. It will be obtainable from 16th November to 30th November.

Give Back Bundle

The income from the bundle will benefit the Riot Games Social Impact Fund. This one-of-a-kind charitable enterprise operates donation campaigns for a large range of organizations and charities worldwide.

Jimmy Hahn, Senior Manager of Social Impact for Riot Games said, “The Social Impact Fund is a separate entity from Riot Games that allows us to make direct investments to organizations around the globe that are working to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems. The Social Impact Fund is Riot’s nonprofit engine which fuels our collective efforts for global social impact. In partnership with ImpactAssets, the fund allows players to have a much deeper reach to help more people in a lasting way.”

Across this process, Riot Games is able to establish an optimistic impact in each region where their gamers reside. Thereby, they make a difference all over the globe. Gamers who are enthusiastic in contributing to charity can, thus, do so via the game.

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