Valorant and CS:GO Ranks Compared: How You Will Rank in the Other Shooter

Since the advent of Valorant, one doubt that has been on every CS:GO player's mind is what will be their rank in another shooter if they switch titles.

Comparing Valorant and CS:GO Ranks
By Shubham Dalal | Dec 30, 2022 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


Since the advent of Valorant, one doubt that has been on every CS:GO player’s mind is what will be their rank in another shooter if they switch titles. Well, it’s been a long time since Valorant came out and the game seems to have settled down comfortably, while CS:GO is firmly holding its ground.Despite the two sports having slightly different ranking systems and classification methods, there is a pattern that emerges when rank distribution data across the 2 titles is collected and compared. This gives us a rough idea of ​​what your CS:GO or Valorant rank could turn into when you move to another shooter.

Comparing Valorant and CS:GO Ranks :

Of course, there are many other factors that will affect your Rank result when tested practically, as both titles are 2 completely different games despite sharing a lot of common features. But this data-driven concept helps us derive a direct rank conversion metric, which would theoretically be more accurate on a wider scale. So let’s see how your CS:GO or Valorant rank holds up on the other when you switch titles.

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CS:GO has had 18 different ranks since its inception, while Valorant currently has 22 different levels. Despite the uneven ranking distribution, there is a way to directly change your rank in CS: GO or Valorant to the rank of another shooter. For this, we will take into account the data collected by Esports Tales for February 2021 across both the titles.

Valorant Rank Distribution – February 2021 | A quick look at the Valorant ranking distribution from Esports Tales February 2021 shows us that the maximum number of players are in the ‘Silver 1’ bracket. Only 0.1% of the total player base has achieved the ‘Radiant’ ranking. On the other hand, the CS:GO ranking distribution from February 2021 shows that the ‘Gold Nova II’ bracket has the maximum number of players. While its highest rank ‘The Global Elite’ comprises 0.78% of the total player base.

Now, taking into account all the ranks and their respective players’ percentages, we get a theoretical rank conversion datasheet. You can apply this directly to your current rank in CS:GO or Valorant to check your converted rank in other shooters.

Here are some things to note from the above combined data sheet :

  • A ‘Silver 1’ player in CS:GO is most likely to be an ‘Iron 2’ player in Valorant.
  • A ‘Silver 2’ CS:GO player is better than an ‘Iron 3’ Valorant player but still no where close to being a ‘Bronze 1’.
  • A ‘Gold Nova 3’ CS:GO player is equivalent to a ‘Gold 2’ Valorant player. Also, both are the average rank for each title.
  • An ‘Eminent Master Guardian’ player from CS:GO and a ‘Diamond 1’ from Valorant will be in the top 10% of the total player base.

However, one very important thing to note here is that Valorant’s ranking system is region-locked. This means that a player’s rank is localized to their own region, whereas when it comes to CS:GO the ranking is compared to a global player base. This can make a significant difference, despite the fact that players usually play both of these games on their own regional servers.

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