Valorant 5.07 Patch Notes: All You Need To Know About The New Update

By Shubham Dalal | Oct 6, 2022 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


Fracture received some much-needed new updates from the Valorant patch notes for the 5.07 update, as well as adjustments to some of the flashiest Agents in the first-person shooter game. Additionally, players can now like particular skins and cosmetics, enabling you to switch between your favourite looks without constantly having to manually alter them. Valorant 5.07 Patch Notes: All You Need To Know About The New Update.

Valorant 5.07 Patch Notes

The valorant agent character design team is constanly discussing to upgrade agent power and skills that why valorant team main focus in the agents update.

Update in these agents: KAY/O,SKYE,REYNA,YORU:


 • Max duration of right click flash decreased from 2s -> 1.25s

 • Max duration of left click flash increased 2s -> 2.25s

 • Unequip Delay out of both flashes decreased .6s -> .85s (this is not being tested in PBE)


 • Max flash duration of Skye’s Guiding Light now goes from 1.25s to 2.25s over a .75s charge up (after casted) Bird can no longer be shot and destroyed New VFX, UI, and sounds added to go along with Skye’s changes


 • Near-sight windup has been increased from .6s -> .4s

 • Infinite range on Leer

 • Near-sight unequip delay has been decreased from .7 -> .5

 • Leer duration decreased 2.6s -> 2.0s


 • Flash duration increased from 1.5s -> 1.75s

 • Visual in 3rd person for flashed players render behind the person’s head once it starts to fade

 • Window increased for awarding assists on flashes/nearsights/concusses from 1s -> 3s

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Map Update


Fracture is receiving quite a few quality of life changes alongside some larger updates to Dish/A Drop and A Ropes. Going to go in the order of minor to major changes.

  Arcade – Opened a cubby here to make it easier for Attacking side to hold against Defender aggression from both directions.


These Favorites will persist for your account until you change them and allow you to filter down to the items that represent your style best.

  •   Weapon skins
  •   Player Cards
  •   Sprays
  •   Gun Buddies
  • Account Level Borders

Added ability to equip a “Random Favorite” for every weapon type

  Equipping this particular weapon will make it so that in each game you play, you get one of your favorite weapons (along with one of the variants you own) at random each time you enter a match.

  Added the ability to filter your Collection:

 1. Weapon Skins

2. Favorites / Non-Favorites

 3.Owned / Unowned


  5.Player Cards, Sprays, Gun Buddies, Level Borders

  6.Favorites / Non-Favorites


 Bug Fixes


  • Fixed issue where KAY/O’s NULL/CMD disabled Killjoy’s Turret if the turret is hit by a pulse but Killjoy is not
  •   Fixed issue where Killjoy’s Turret fires straight forward after firing at an enemy and then losing sight of them
  • Fixed issue where Killjoy’s Turret would fire with no target when coming online if it was disabled while firing at a target
  • Fixed a bug where Phoenix would not automatically re-equip a weapon at the end of Run It Back
  • Fixed Breach’s Rolling Thunder showing dead enemies hit in the combat report

 Fixed issue where if a player was deafened by multiple sources, when the first deafen ended it removed the deafening effect completelyd / Unowned

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