V Rising sells over million copies within a week: Here’s what the game is about

V Rising has finally launched on PC via Steam and the early access on May 17.

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V Rising has finally launched on PC via Steam and the early access on May 17. Within A short duration of a week, the multiplayer vampire survival game has sold over a million copies. That’s a huge success for the developers.

The game’s social team took to its official Twitter to announce the news. The tweet read “1,000,000 vampires have risen from their slumber.”. “Thank you all for being a part of this achievement!” It certainly is a great achievement and one that the game was aiming to reach right from the start.

Breaking records already

The game managed to break into Steam’s top 10 most-played games list in just one day after launch. V Rising sold half a million copies just 2 days after that. After amassing 100,000 concurrent players, the game has climbed to the #7 spot as a result.

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V Rising is also Steam’s best-selling game during its launch week, and it managed to reach the #5 most-played spot with 150,000 players the same day that news came out.

V Rising gameplay

V Rising comes with a huge open-world map, which is pretty common in survival games launched in recent times. This map is divided into several regions such as Farbane Woods, Dunley Farmlands, Silverlight Hills, and more. Each area features a biome and a cast of enemies.

While getting from point A to point B on a horse is one way to travel, a faster way to travel is through Vampire Waygates. These Waygates are V Rising’s way of incorporating fast travel. Using a Vampire Waygate can transport the player from one place to another in the game in a jiffy.

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