Unlock the Secrets of Argenti in Honkai Star Rail

With over 20 upcoming characters leaked during the game's launch, predicting the exact release date of Argenti remains challenging.

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By Naman Alok | Jun 2, 2023 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Argenti, a future 5-star Honkai Star Rail character, is cloaked in secrecy. Recent leaks have revealed intriguing information about this mysterious lady, suggesting that she has roots in an uncharted area. Let’s explore what is known about Argenti in Honkai Star Rail thus far. Please be aware that the following details are based on leaks and may not accurately represent the character’s final condition before release.

Unveiling Argenti’s Abilities in Honkai Star Rail

Argenti, who follows the Path of Erudition, is a powerful Physical damage dealer with the ability to unleash deadly AOE attacks. Argenti, a devout member of the “Order of Pure Beauty,” is said to have great respect for the mystifying star goddess Idrila, also known as “Pure Beauty.” Let’s examine her skills in greater detail:

Skill – Justice Always Prevails:

Argenti’s skill inflicts Physical damage upon all enemies, calculated based on her ATK.

Ultimate – Gift of Formless Beauty:

By harnessing energy, Argenti unleashes a powerful ultimate attack that deals Physical damage to all enemies, scaling with her ATK. This ultimate can consume either 100% or 200% of the energy cap. Opting for the latter significantly boosts the ultimate’s damage, striking random enemies with an additional six attacks.

Talent – Neutral Grey:

Whenever Argenti lands normal attacks, uses skills, or activates ultimate skills, she replenishes 5 energy and gains a stack of “Self-cultivation.” Each stack enhances Argenti’s Critical Rate by a specific percentage. This effect can stack up to 10 times, amplifying her potential for devastating critical strikes.

Technique – Gaze of Beauty:

Argenti’s technique encompasses the ability to stun enemies within a specific area for a duration of 8 seconds. Upon engaging with a stunned enemy, Argenti not only restores 5 energy but also unleashes Physical damage to all enemies based on her ATK.

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The Enigma of Argenti’s Release in Honkai Star Rail

With over 20 upcoming characters leaked during the game’s launch, predicting the exact release date of Argenti remains challenging. Currently absent from the main storyline, and with no teasers from Hoyoverse hinting at her debut, it appears that Argenti’s arrival in Honkai Star Rail is not imminent. As we delve into the future content, it is clear that Argenti will not be featured in Honkai Star Rail’s patch 1.1.

Now you possess a comprehensive understanding of the captivating character, Argenti, in Honkai Star Rail. For more exciting content, we have prepared a guide to help you conquer the triple authenticator door at Herta Space Station, should you struggle to locate all the keys. Additionally, if you are new to the game and seeking advice on which characters are worth rerolling for, be sure to explore our Honkai Star Rail reroll guide. Embark on this thrilling journey and unlock the secrets that await in Honkai Star Rail!

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