Undead Unluck Chapter 161 Release Date, Where To Read and more

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at what to expect from Undead Unluck Chapter 161, including the Release Date are out now Check them and where to read them.

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“Undead Unluck” is a popular manga series written and illustrated by Yoshifumi Tozuka. It is a supernatural action-comedy manga that was serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump from January 2020 to June 2023. The story follows a high school girl named Fuuko Izumo, who possesses the power to cancel out any supernatural abilities with a touch, and a boy named Andy Hinomiya, who is an “undead” with regenerative abilities. Together, they navigate a world filled with various “Unluck” powers and battle against other individuals who possess dangerous abilities. The manga features unique characters, intense battles, and a captivating storyline that keeps readers hooked. It has gained a significant fan following for its distinctive art style, fast-paced action, and humor. If you enjoy supernatural manga with a blend of action and comedy, “Undead Unluck” is definitely worth checking out!

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at what to expect from Undead Unluck Chapter 161, including the Release Date are out now Check them and where to read them.

Undead Unluck Chapter 161 Release Date

The Undead Unluck Chapter 161 release date has been announced and is set for June 5, 2023, at noon. So remember to read this new Undead Unluck Chapter, and save the reminder for yourself.

The publication of the issue is scheduled for the following times in the relevant time zones:

• USA (EST): 10:00 AM, Sunday, June 4 2023

• UK (GMT): 3:00 PM on Sunday, June 4 2023

• India (IST): 8:30 PM on Sunday, June 4 2023

• Philippines (PHT): 11:00 PM on Sunday, June 4 2023

• Japan (JST): 12:00 AM on Monday, June 5 2023

• Korea (KST): 12:00 AM on Monday, June 5 2023

• Australia (AEST): 1:00 AM on Monday, June 5 2023

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Where Can I Read the Latest Undead Unluck Chapter?

You can read the new Undead Unluck Chapter on the official website, the chapter will be made available online on various platforms such as Viz Media, MangaRock, and MangaPlus for fans around the world.

Undead Unluck Chapter 160 Summary 

As the team prepared to make their daring escape on the ship, a persistent alien latched onto the vessel, preventing the escape hatch from opening. A surge of determination coursed through Phil as he volunteered to confront the creature head-on. Nico’s anxiety grew, but Fuuko assured him that Phil’s current state of Unfeel gave him a significant advantage against the aliens, whose reactions were tied to emotions. With unwavering resolve, Phil transformed his hand into a razor-sharp scissor and deftly severed the alien’s grip.

Returning triumphantly to the ship, Creed expertly piloted them away from danger. However, their relief was short-lived when Ichico discovered that the ship remained attached to something— the aliens’ unhatched eggs. The precarious situation meant they couldn’t control the ship’s trajectory, jeopardizing their chances of safely deploying their parachutes. Braving the unknown, Phil ventured out alone, determined to alter their course.

Recalling a heartfelt conversation with his mother, who promised that they would find kind-hearted souls on Earth to support him, Phil’s body began to crumble. Yet, before he could succumb to despair, Gina rushed to his side, firmly grasping him. Encouraging him to believe in their union, she urged Phil to give it his all. Summoning every ounce of his strength, he poured it into changing the ship’s trajectory. Miraculously, their vessel touched down on Earth’s surface. Phil’s mother anxiously searched for him, only to find him safe and sound beside Gina. A collective sigh of relief swept through the group as their audacious mission finally reached a successful conclusion.

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