Ultimate Battle now opens its platform for organisers to host tournaments

The UB Team proposes end-to-end event management for huge companies or even leagues, and it has intentions to deliver the platform as a service to them.

Ultimate Battle (UB), India’s first-ever one-stop online esports platform, has added another feather to its cap by becoming the only Platform-as-a-Service provider in the country.

The UB Team proposes end-to-end event management for huge companies or even leagues, and it has intentions to deliver the platform as a service to them. A bespoke subdomain, creative design, marketing, and other exclusive services will be available to verified organisers.

“It is hard to express how excited and thrilled our team feels as we successfully launch our new addition, making the platform more accessible to a broader audience and penetrating the esports community under a new category. With the announcement today, we will become the only esports platform in India, giving easy access to Organizers like schools or college students, influencers, and Brands allowing them to use the platform’s technology and automation to create and manage Esports Tournaments which will be hosted on the Ultimate Battle platform” said Mr. Tarun Gupta, Founder, Ultimate Battle.

“We hope with this we will be able to further support the esports segment in India and bridge the myths associated with it. We are on a mission to turn the online gaming industry into a mainstream sport and we hope to bring the change soon” Tarun further added. 

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Event Organizers can:

  • Sign up as an Organizer 
  • Get custom Organization Page
  • Create Tournaments on the platform
  • Invite for registrations (free/paid) (is there any limit?)
  • Manage Tournaments Settings and Gameplay
  • Report match scores
  • Integrate Streaming of their Youtube/Facebook/Twitch Channels on their Organization page
  • Distribute Prizes 

Ultimate Battle opens its platform for tournament organisers

Ultimate Battle features unique Automation Capabilities, such as event launch, SMS and WhatsApp notifications, bracket/group management, and much more, to make event management easier for organisers.

This will not only provide Organizers with a smooth event administration experience, but competing players will also benefit from the platform’s intuitive and best-in-class experience while participating and playing in tournaments.

The popular gaming platform just became the first in the country to provide all five video games allowed among the eight titles that will compete in the Asian Games in 2022. With the most recent announcement, it also becomes the only platform that allows third parties to create customised events and participate in esports on a micro level. The platform has some obligatory criteria in place to keep an eye on any incorrect play, such as disputes or fake claims on prize money, and so on.

The UB platform presently has 15 games, including all of the popular titles, and has a player base of over 3,30,000 people, with more on the way. With nearly 54,000 monthly active users, gamers have access to a vibrant community with which to communicate and compete. Gamers can play tournaments via downloading Ultimate Battle’s recently-launched app directly from the website, in addition to using the platform on the official website.

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