Two new weapons in Free Fire MAX! Here are the details

The latest version of Free Fire MAX OB36 is now live. A latest character Tatsuya has been included to the game and the capabilities of some of the already present characters have also been made different. Other characteristics have also been included to the game’s Clash Squad mode, containing the new map Nexterra. Along with that, there are some changes that have been made in the Battle Royale mode. The Free Fire MAX OB36 version also includes a latest weapon named the Treatment Laser Gun, a fresh throwable weapon named the Gloo Melter, and some latest gun attachments. Here are all the details. Keep reading.

  • Treatment Laser Gun

A latest healing weapon has been included to the game with the Free Fire MAX OB36 update. The unique feature of these new weapons is their capability to heal. A fresh Treatment Laser Gun is now a part of l the game. It also heals when the gamer is injured. The fire rate of the gun is of 0.12 and the range is of 20 meters. It provides 10 healings on each fire. The gun will become part of the Treatment series. Apart from this , there are the Treatment Sniper and Treatment Pistol. The latest Treatment Laser Gun is a mid-range weapon.

  • Glow Melter

The glue walls in Free Fire MAX behaves as fire protection, it protects you from opponent attacks. With the fresh update to the game, the Gloo Melter, which is q throwable weapon that demolishes these glue walls, has been included. It is a grenade, and it speciality is that, after being erupted, it forms a ring at the target location. This circle is capable of doing 150 damage to the glue wall within its radius. This circle will stay in spot for 12 seconds. When this happens, the bullets on the glue wall will also do double damage.

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