TSM FTX esports signed wanted gaming as an IGL

Wanted gaming aka Chirag Dua is considered one of the best IGL in the BGMI esports community. Wanted is an underdog player but TSM FTX signed an underdog player as an IGL in their main lineup, this is a very encouraging step by TSM. TSM FTX is one of the most reputed esports organizations in India. Today we are talking about Wanted BGMI ID, stats, rank and his YouTube income. His courage and determination towards Esports have made him a status quo in Esports today. He is a humble person who always entertains his audience through his live streams. Many fans watch his e-sports and stream matches for nuances of the game.

Here is the BGMI ID and the In-game name of Wanted

IN Game ID and Name (IGN) play an important role in Battleground Mobile India. This allows fans and players to search for and send popularity to a particular gamer using the in-game ID, IGNs are the monikers through which players are recognized in the gaming community. Wanted`s ID is 524288563 and its In-Game Name is TSMWanted.

Seasonal stats and rank

Wanted is one of the best IGL and Assaulter in the BGMI gaming community. He recently join TSM FTX and he regularly participates in all the tournaments and scrims that TSM FTX Esports participates in. This gives him rare time to play classic matches after the new 2.0 updates.
However, he still played a few matches and established his title in the platinum tier having earned a total of 2929 points so far.

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Wanted to earn a spot in platinum 3 with a total of 2929 points during the season. If he plays regularly, he might even get an Ace level at the end of the season.
Wanted has played 39 classic games in the TPP squad team mode in the current season and has won 7 of them. Along with his teammates, he reached the top 10 in 22 matches.
Wanted deals a total of 43939.9 damage with an average damage of 1126.7. Additionally, he maintained an F/D ratio of 6.51 and defeated 254 enemies, which is a considerable feat in itself. However, Wanted’s ability to score in attack is shown by his accuracy percent of 18.1. Furthermore, his best performance in the new C2S6 is still his best performance in the new C2S6, with 22 finishes in a single match.

YouTube and Income

Wanted to start his YouTube channel on August 2, 2015, currently, he has 73.5k subscribers on his channel. It has been a long time since him to join YouTube. That’s why 414 videos have been uploaded on his channel. And his YouTube and esports salary has not been revealed anywhere, due to which it is not possible to tell their exact income yet.

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