True Rippers eSports Valorant Owner, Country, Roster, History, Achievements, Net Worth

True Rippers Esports is an Indian organization which was formed in 2020. They also have rosters in BGMI, Call of Duty mobile and Freefire. True Rippers Esports is a Leading Competitive Mobile Focused Esports Organization created and founded by Gamers for the Gamers in India. They say their mission is to take Competitive Gaming in India to the Next Level meeting the International Standards. It was founded by Yashwanth and Ananthkumar Rekha. Yashwanth is also the current CEO of the organization. They are sponsored by big names like, ExpressVPN, AMD and many more.

Team and Roster

On April 17th 2021, True Rippers Esports announced their entry in competetive valorant and signed Paradox, Mast3r, RelliK, 1TaPGoD, CrosshaiR and SharkaiM. The team has not maded a lot of changes and have shown trust in the players. The first member to leave the team was SharkaiM, he left on August 6th 2021. After his departure on August 10th 2021, BoNeS joined the team and replaced him.

Paradox and 1TaPGoD play the role of Duelist. Mast3r is the controller while Crosshair has the important role of the initiator for the team. RelliK is the Sentinel and BoNeS plays support for the team.

Active Roster

IGNNameJoin Date
ParadoxKasif Sayyed17-04-2021
RelliKPruthvi Rathod17-04-2021
Mast3rVarun Menon17-04-2021
1TaPGoDSahil Duble17-04-2021
CrosshaiRGaurav Chabukswar17-04-2021
BoNeSKaustabh Kadam10-08-2021

Achievements and Earnings

Marcos VALORANT Invitational2022-01-213rd – 4th$265
The Esports Club Gauntlet – Season 32021-12-113rd$1,313
Taiwan Excellence Gaming Cup – 20212021-12-113rd$656
LEAGUE EGO CHALLENGER SERIES 20212021-12-103rd$263
WD Black Cup – Season 22021-11-255th$400
Penta Challenge2021-10-233rd – 4th$668
EGAMEZONE Valorant Championship Season 12021-08-082nd$337
Esportz Premier Series: Qualifier #42021-08-022nd$405
IIT Guwahati – Helios Cup2021-06-112nd$137
RaptorX Valorant Tournament – 102021-05-271st$138

Net Worth

Majorly in Valorant, True Rippers earns from the tournament prize pools, and the total earnings till date are approximately $5,750. Also, there are various brand endorsements and the value is not disclosed by the organization.

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