Treasure of Wisdom: A New Plan Quest: Everything you need to know

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The Treasure of Wisdom: quest of Genshin Impact is a great quest to obtain some cool rewards.  To unlock world quest in Sumeru, you have to first finish the Archon quest ‘The Morn a Thousand Roses’. Not only this but you need to finish the side quest ‘Drusus’ Riddles’ too and wait for the daily reset to talk with Drusus. Treasure of Wisdom: A New Plan Quest: Everything you need to know.

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Drusus’s Riddles is an unseen investigation goal, it means that it is an optional and unmarked quest that you can pick up by contacting with the bulletin board outer side of the Adventurers’ Guild in Sumeru City. You’ll discover a pair of puzzles in the form of a scavenger hunt. You must discover the solution to every puzzle to search the area of the next. There are total five, after getting solution to the fifth riddle you’ll be headed over to speak with Drusus.

Upon the next daily reset, you’ll be eligible to start the ‘Treasure Of Wisdom A New Plan’ world quest. The daily reset comes at 04:00 (4 AM), on the basis of your server’s time zone.

After finishing all the above requirements, you will be eligible to search Drusus and talk with him. He should be placed on a grassy bank by Yazadaha Pool, immediately south of the outskirts of Sumeru City. Apply the next procedure to finish the quest:

  • Drusus will need your help to set up some environmental puzzles and will talk about where you have to begin. However of your explanation, assisting him will begin the quest.
  • Presently, go to the area of the puzzle marked on your map with the waypoint icon.
  • Drusus will ask you for a puzzle to suit in the location.
  • Select the more elegant riddle option, by making use of the waterfall as a theme for it.
  • Attend the waypoint to the following location.
  • Drusus will question you what he must be placed in the last treasure chest as a reward.
  • Nonetheless of your selection, the quest will be marked finished afterwards.
  • Drusus will have a funny and more positive reaction if you select ‘This process of thought is the greatest treasure’.

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