Top Free Fire YouTubers in India till date

Total Gaming is one of the most subscribed YouTube channels. (Credits: Total Gaming)

One of the finest places to watch Free Fire is on YouTube. Several content creators use this platform to promote their work, increasing their number of views and subscribers. The videos revolving around the game are infinite, from publishing tips and tricks to discussing new events that the Battle Royale title comes up with. The Free Fire community is one of the largest growing in India, and across the world.

On YouTube, India has a large number of broadcasters and content creators who upload daily videos centred on the game for fans to enjoy. When the official Championship took place, it had one of the highest watching when compared to other esports in the country.

Best Free Fire YouTubers from India

Desi Gamers

Amit Sharma, commonly known as Desi Gamers, has 1.6 billion views on his YouTube channel. He launched his streaming channel three years ago and has already amassed 11.5 million customers.

Desi Gamers and Gyan Sujan are usually in a tight race to see who can get the most subscribers. While Amit Sharma (Desi Gamers) sometimes outperforms him, Sujan Mistri (Gyan Sujan) is bound to catch up. The former streamer has over 11.4 million subscribers and 1.5 billion views on his channel.

Gyan Gaming Free Fire

The Kolkata-based gamer began his YouTube career three years ago by streaming Clash of Clans and is now a full-time Free Fire streamer. His channel was hacked a few days ago, much to the amazement of his admirers. Thankfully, his account was quickly recovered. The gamer from Kolkata has over 2000 videos on his YouTube channel, with over 1.6 billion views.

A_S Gaming

Sahil Rana’s YouTube channel receives over 170 million monthly views. This YouTuber enjoys everything from the game to pranks to hide-and-seek in the battle royale game.

It has 14.5 million users and receives over 170 million views per month on average. Two more channels on his channel focus on highlights and shorts from Free Fire matches. He has been uploading content since 2019, and he makes a concerted effort to keep his audience entertained.

Sooneeta Free Fire

With 4.39 million subscribers, she is the best female Free Fire player. She is one of the few content providers included in YouTube’s Original series, Creator Spotlight, and produces videos on a daily basis.

Lokesh Gamer

Lokesh Gamer, dubbed as the game’s “richest noob,” has established himself as one of the most successful and well-known content makers in the Indian community. The first video on Lokesh Gamer’s YouTube channel was uploaded in April of this year. He makes amusing films about the game and his life, and he also does regular Free Fire live broadcasts, as well as many crate openings in the game. The channel currently has a vast subscription base of 10.5 million people and has received 890 million views.

Two-Side Gamer

This popular YouTube channel is co-owned by TSG Ritik and TSG Jash. They’re cousins who are well-known in the community as free fire content providers. Both had other YouTube channels dedicated to vlogs and other relevant videos. Two-Side Gamers is a well-known YouTube channel with more than 7.82 million subscribers.

SK Sabir Boss

Sheikh Sabir, also known by his IGN SK Sabir Boss, is an Indian Free Fire content creator who has a large following on YouTube. Sabir is well-known for his gaming abilities in Free Fire, and he often uploads gameplay footage to YouTube. He began his YouTube career in 2019 under the moniker ‘SK Sabir Gaming.’ He has a large following among the Free Fire community, with the channel now having over 4.12 million subscribers.

Total Gaming

Every month, the number of subscribers to Ajjubhai’s Total Gaming channel grows by leaps and bounds. Over 28.6 million people have subscribed to the channel. He has a number of films devoted to various tips and tactics that gamers can utilise to better their Free Fire performance.

Besides all of this, “Garena Free Fire’s Rampage is back in 2021 for the third year running, after being among the most well-received campaigns in the last 2 years, according to the Free Fire community themselves. This year’s campaign –Rampage: New Dawn – follows previously successful Rampage campaigns: Rampage: Redemption in 2019, and Rampage: Uprising in 2020. To celebrate Rampage: New Dawn this year, Garena is partnering with world renowned DJs Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike for a themed song created exclusively for Rampage.”

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