Top Five Best Pets For Chrono In Free Fire

While there are several options, just a few are ideally suited for the job.

Top Five Best Pets For Chrono In Free Fire

Chrono, the game’s meta character, was nerfed after the OB31 Free Fire update. Users could no longer fire outside the force field once inside it once his ability was updated. Despite the modifications, he is still well-liked. Top Five Best Pets For Chrono In Free Fire

His ability, however, has been weakened as a result of the nerf. In order to compensate for this, players must couple their character with a pet. While there are several options, just a few are ideally suited for the job.

Top Five Best Pets For Chrono In Free Fire

5) Agent Hop

Bouncing Bonus is Agent Hop’s ability in Free Fire. The user receives 50 EP each time the safe zone shrinks. This is the simplest approach for gaining EP in Free Fire of all the options.

While Chrono’s shield is already powerful, it isn’t indestructible, therefore damage will be dealt throughout battles. As a result, instead of wasting medkits and time healing, users can passively heal with EP.

4) Rockie

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Stay Chill is Rockie’s game ability, which reduces the cooldown time of active character skills by 15%. Users will be able to employ the power more frequently during matches as a result of this.

Chrono’s Time Turner has a 120-second cooldown period. This duration is lowered to about 102 seconds when Rockie is used. While this may not seem like much, it has tremendous benefits.

3) Detective Panda

Panda’s Blessings is Detective Panda’s ability in Free Fire. Every time a player gets a kill, they get 10 HP back right away. This is beneficial for those that prefer to play aggressively.

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Panda is an excellent choice as a match pet because many players still use Chrono aggressively. For those who are curious, Jota’s Sustained Raids is superior, but it requires the usage of a skill slot.

2) Night Panther

Weight Training is Night Panther’s ability. It expands the inventory capacity by 45 percent, allowing players that love carrying more goods to do so.

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This skill has situational use in the case of Chrono. When playing Free Fire with a squad, for example, gamers might use the extra inventory space to gather supplies for the group.

1) Ottero

Double Blubber is Ottero’s special ability. When Free Fire users utilise a medkit, they recover EP equal to 65 percent of their HP. Ottero’s power effectively transforms medkits into inhalers.

It is advantageous for individuals who utilise Chrono often. Rather than searching for inhalers and mushrooms, gamers can just utilise medkits to restore their HP and EP.

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