Top Battlegrounds Mobile India Players to look out for ahead of competitive season

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Top Battlegrounds Mobile India players are the ones who have been consistent over the years as players as well as in the competitive scene. With Battlegrounds Mobile India Series fast approaching, here is a list of top BGMI players to look out for ahead of the competitive season.

Top Battlegrounds Mobile India Players to look out for


Jonathan “Jonathan” Amaral is one of the best assaulters in the country, and for the longest time, there was no one like this young boy. Without any doubt, he is one of the best BGMI players. Jonathan has made a for himself as a professional player for Entity Gaming. He was later part of the TSM Entity roster that dominated the Indian esports scene.

Jonathan is extremely popular for his solo clutch plays and for saving his team from early exits on numerous occasions.


Abhisekh “Zgod” Choudhury was just a competitive player before he became a part of the TSM-Entity’s fearsome roster. He is known for his nerves of steel, being one of the most reliable players for the team, and his incredible clutch plays. Zgod plays a support role. He could easily be called the backbone of the team.


Harshit “MJ” Mahajan is a Battlegrounds Mobile India player for Galaxy Racer Esports. He started out as a part of the Celtz roster won the title of PMPL Spring Split 2020 SA champions. MJ was the top fragger in his team with 27 solo kills.

MJ continues to maintain his form for team GXR. He was closely followed by PUBG Mobile fans for his antics in the recently concluded PMPL Arabia. Players also remember him for his impeccable 1v4 clutches.


Tanmay “Scout” Singh is one of the most recalled name in the professional BGMI domain. He plays as a scouter, flanker, and assaulter. Possessing incredible aim and game sense, Scout has a strong hold in both– assaulting and sniping.

He has been a part of many renowned teas like Team IND, GODLIKE, X Spark, Scout finally joined Fnatic, his dream team. He later made a surprising move to quit Fnatic, had a brief stint with Orange Rock Esports and came in second at the World League 2020. He currently plays for S8UL Esports.


Arth “Vexe” Trivedi is easily one of the best assaulters in the country right now. He is instrumental in Orange Rock Esports’ success and continues to play with other great players like Aditya, Destro and Gill. Vexe is a skilled rifler, and is called the overall perfect player. He was the top fragger in the PMPL Spring Split 2020.

His go-to weapon loadout in BGMI is the AKM for CQC combat and the ever-reliable M416 for long range spray downs.

If players have not been able to download the game, here is how you can do it for iOS.

It took about 47 days since the official launch of the game, for the BGMI iOS launch to take place. Krafton has started teasing the launch of the title on its social media, but there was no official word.

How to download Battlegrounds Mobile India for iOS

Though downloading the game should not be a tough task, players have been reporting that the game is not found on the Apple Store. If you’re are faced with the same, click on this BGMI iOS download link.

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