Top 5 Villager Trades in Minecraft

Let's explore the top trades in Minecraft to see how they help finding rare things and expand your search.

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By Naman Alok | May 12, 2024 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

In Minecraft traders can exchange goods with other villagers to obtain unique things, certain traders offer Emeralds while others let players to purchase exclusive goods. This article discusses the top five trades in Minecraft and provides information on each deal. The items that players can trade while trying to grow in the game include saddles for riding animals, maps to specific locations and magical books. Top 5 Villager Trades in Minecraft

Let’s explore the top trades in Minecraft to see how they help finding rare things and expand your search.

5. Fletcher: Exchanging 32 Sticks for 1 Emerald

Fletchers are typically located in villages with fletching tables and they offer an attractive choice to players looking to make good deals. Their Emerald trade is what draws attention yet they also sell special arrows. This trade is profitable right away since players can profit from it by gathering 32 sticks which is a task that can be completed effectively in most Minecraft settings.

4. Cartographer: Acquiring a Woodland Mansion Map for 14 Emeralds & a Compass

The Cartographer teases players with the chance of earning a map of Woodland Mansion as it goes into the world of rarity. Located in the Cartographer’s inventory after levelling up this elusive item attracts adventurers with the prospect of exploring unexplored lands. Though finding a Woodland Mansion is a challenging task given the distance few players can pass up the chance to find it even at the high price of 14 Emeralds and a compass.

3. Librarian: Investing 5-64 Emeralds & a Book for 1 Enchanted Book

The Librarian is the unnoticed hero of the trading world ignoring the fact that Emerald trades are quite important in Minecraft. Librarians are common in villages with lecterns dealing in Enchanted Books which provide gamers with a unique experience. The Librarian’s versatility is highlighted by the wide range of trade values which can reach up to 64 Emeralds. By strategically manipulating the lectern players can maximise their trades and gain access to much-desired enchantments such as Mending.

2. Librarian: Trading 20 Emeralds for 1 Name Tag

Minecraft players who want to obtain Name Tags through traditional methods have difficulties because they are extremely rare, still the Librarian provides a solid substitute. Players can claim this valuable item and avoid the trouble of searching through dungeons and treasure chests by paying a small fee of 20 Emeralds. Name Tags which are essential for both creature control and sentimental value become commodities that can be obtained through the Librarian’s trade.

1. Leatherworker: Exchanging 6 Emeralds for 1 Saddle

The possibility of controlling many kinds of creatures makes saddles which are elusive in their natural habitat, interesting for travellers. The Leatherworker offers a practical option to typical tactics which depend on fortuitous encounters in mineshafts or dungeons. Players can advance through the ranks and obtain the desired saddle trade for just 6 Emeralds by exchanging leather, rabbit hide and other goods. This exchange creates opportunities for increased mobility and exploration and it’s a little price to pay for saddles versatility.

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