Top 5 Shogi based Anime to watch in 2024!

In this article, check out the top 5 shogi based anime to watch in 2024, their plot, review and more information.

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By Mahaksh Chauhan | May 13, 2024 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

What is Shogi? The Japanese board game shogi has strong cultural roots and is comparable to chess. Game of Generals is a common name for the game when played on a 9×9 grid. It stands for the art of battle as well as strategy, tactics, and the game of chess, much like the anime. In this article, we present to you the best 5 shogi based anime that you can watch right now.

5. The Flowers Of Hard Blood

Get away from the romance and combine elements of mystery and intrigue with Shogi anime. When it comes to shōjo anime, The Flowers of Hard Blood is among the top choices for nail-biting suspense. The protagonist of the anime, Shion Yaosuka, has been mute ever since the murder of her parents left her family in a state of shock. She has flourished in the shogi championship scene since moving in with her foster parents and receiving a nurturing upbringing.

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The brother of the current shogi champion notices her potential and extends an invitation for her to compete in the championship. The plot develops as the truth of previous occurrences becomes clear.

4. Ryou’s Work Is Never Done

In Ryou’s Work is Never Done, we see a mentor and his apprentice navigate the competitive shogi world in a way that’s well-balanced with drama, slice of life, and sports. The protagonists are a young shogi instructor and his student. A sixteen-year-old shogi prodigy named Yaichi Kuzuruyu has won the title of “Ryuo,” which means “The Dragon” in shogi.

At the same time, young Yaichi is underappreciated despite Ryuo’s title. Yaichi, on the other hand, trains Ai because of her tremendous desire to play shogi at the female level.

3. Susume Karolina

The original animated short “Susume Karolina” runs for under three minutes. The anime is an homage to the Polish professional shogi player Karolina Fortin Styczynska.

As the first non-Japanese player of Shogi, she has received renown from the Japan Shogi Association. According to her, a particularly interesting chapter of the Naruto manga was the catalyst for her Shogi infatuation.

In spite of its incredibly brief duration, the anime depicts Karolina’s voyage from Yamanashi to Tokyo. She brought her shogi board everywhere she went, whether it was to play with a professor at university or the train.

2. March Comes In Like A Lion is the best Shogi based Anime

By fusing Shogi, the Poignant animation provides a sobering reality check through its multi-layered narrative of burden and loneliness. As a life-altering anime, it stands out for its depiction of human life through breathtaking visuals and audio.

The protagonist of this coming-of-age anime, Rei Kirayama, is a shogi master who struggles with a downbeat existence. Rei becomes a victim of depression after isolating himself in Tokyo in response to the increasing expectations of his foster parents and community.

Everything changes, though, when he meets momo, Hinata, and Akari, three sisters. Rei strives to keep life and shogi in harmony when she feels loved and cared for by Akari.

1. When Will Ayumu Make His Move?

A little romance in your Shogi is never a bad thing, is it? How Long Before Ayumu Acts? You will find yourself wondering the same thing about the romance around Shogi Player, as the title implies.

The romantic shogi anime follows the adventures of Kendu champion Ayumu Tanaka. It was love at first sight that got him into New High School, and he ended up joining the Shogi club.

The president and sole member of the school’s shogi club, Urushi Yaotome is the object of his affections. Ayumu chooses to tell Urushi the truth after she beats her at Shogi.

The anime’s charming romance themes will make you blush, thanks to its engaging plot and Shogi blend. Additionally, the touching anime delves into Ayumu and Urushi’s shogi battles.

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