Top 5 Reincarnation Manhwa to read in 2024

In this article, check out the top 5 reincarnation manhwa to read right now in 2024, their plot, review and more information.

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By Mahaksh Chauhan | May 14, 2024 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Usually, these types of stories begin in the future with what appears to be a cliffhanger, but then they send their protagonist back in time to start over. Most stories leave their protagonists with glimpses into what’s to come, giving them an advantage and setting the stage for the reader to anticipate what happens next. In this article, we present our top 5 reincarnation manhwa which you should read in 2024.

5. The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years

A man stands at the epicenter of a never-ending conflict involving humans, demigods, and demonic forces in After 4000 Years. The protagonist, Lucas Traumen, was once the greatest archmage in human history, but he was condemned to an eternity of madness in the series.

Four millennia later, Lucas finds himself reawakened in the form of Frey Blake—the lowest-ranking mage student at the esteemed Westroad Academy for Mages—and the embarrassment of the Blake House. In his relentless pursuit of vengeance, Frey embarks on a mission to reassert his former greatness and vanquish the Demigods.

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4. Swordmaster’s Youngest Son

The destiny of Jin Runcandel, the last of the twelve children born into the Runcandel Household, was to become the chief of the swordmaster clan. But his fate is never truly fulfilled because Jin is exiled for possessing above-average swordsmanship abilities.

Although Jin is spared the curse that befell him at birth once he finally forms a pact with Solderet, the god of contracts in his household, he is nevertheless brutally murdered. But Jin still has a shot at redemption from Fate. Remembering everything from his previous life as a newborn, Jin is hell-bent on finding out who put the curse on him and then caused him to die. Now that he is free of his disability, Jin is determined to become the best swordmaster in the Runcandel Household.

3. Return of the Mount Hua Sect

Cheongmyeong, the hero of the story, awakens a century later in the body of a boy, an orphan, after having lived a past life as Plum Blossom of the Mount Hua Sect. After coming to, all he can remember is the brutal conflict between the Ten Great Sects and Cheonma, the Demonic Cult leader.

A bloody clash that nearly drove the Murim to its knees and nearly ended the Ten Great Sects; the sects won a victory, but it was a loss for them since Cheongmyeong dealt the fatal blow to the evil Cheonma, who promptly died from his wounds. A hundred years from now, as a homeless orphan, Cheongmyeong finds that his once-loved sect has changed drastically. He vows to restore the greatness of the Mount Hua Sect, driven by a mix of shame and resolve. This is definitely one of the best reincarnation manhwa.

2. Revenge of the Iron-Blooded Sword Hound

Blood, betrayal, and vengeance are the plot points of Revenge of the Iron-Blooded Sword Hound. It all comes down to a chance for a second opportunity. The show centers on Vikir Von Baskerville, who is an illegitimate son of the powerful Baskerville family and an aspiring hero.

Vikir, an assassin from birth and up, dedicated his life to protecting his family until his father’s brutal murder left clan chief Hugo Baskerville marked as a traitor and the young assassin died too soon. Until his mysterious rebirth into the past, it appears that Vikir’s world has come to an end. Vikir, who has held on to his memories of his previous existence, has vowed to get right with his father and to become the best in his tribe.

1. Reincarnation of the Suicidal Battle God is the best reincarnation manhwa

The protagonist, Zephyr, fights against destiny and becomes the last human on a planet the gods have long since abandoned. He dies fighting Tartarus, the God of Destruction. But there’s still hope; Zephyr’s fate has one more twist.

The gods, who thought his life and fights funny, sent Zephyr back in time ten years to give him a second chance. With the future in her hands, Zephyr embarks on a quest of love and vengeance that will determine the destiny of humanity.

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