Top 5 Powerfull Legendary Weapons in Dead Island 2

These unique weapons are referred to as "legendary" and are really awesome you are not simply going to find them when opening chests or battling zombies.

Credits- Dambuster Studios
By Naman Alok | May 13, 2024 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Special weapons in Dead Island 2 are not like ordinary weapons you find laying around they are extremely rare and can only be obtained by completing special objectives. These unique weapons are referred to as “legendary” and are really awesome you are not simply going to find them when opening chests or battling zombies. Top 5 Powerfull Legendary Weapons in Dead Island 2

They require you to work for them by completing objectives every weapon is unique and has special abilities. In this article we will discuss five of these legendary weapons that are a lot of fun to use and can be quite useful to you in the game.

Dead Island 2 Legendary Weapons

5. Emma’s Wrath

Emma’s Wrath Credits- Dambuster Studios

Emma’s Wrath a huge hammer that the player can wield to become a powerful ally is a memorial to physical force and destruction. It was wielded by the strong Sam B during his heroic mission. 

Emma’s Wrath becomes an effective weapon with every swing thanks to the Superior Melee Impactor mod which also increases its physical strength. Its use is made even better by the Overkill bonus which lets you release shotgun bursts with every deadly hit without running out of ammunition.

4. Karkatoa

Karkatoa Credits- Dambuster Studios

Karkatoa appears as the beginning of blazing justice leaving a path of destruction in its path. The Superior Melee Cremator mod which is loaded into this legendary axe, enables enemies to cause fire instantly upon contact and blankets the battlefield in flames. 

Karkatoa becomes an unstoppable weapon that burns and destroys its enemies when combined with the Reaper bonus and well-planned heavy blows. Users should use careful however as Karkatoa’s flames are deadly and unfocused putting both allies and enemies in danger.

3. The One

The One Credits- Dambuster Studios

The One transcends simple utility and appears as a work of mastery and perfection, its slim sword emanates beauty reflecting the soul of legendary blades from ancient tales. With every skillful blow, The One equipped with the Superior Melee Mutator mod causes unmatched physical damage. 

Also, the Swift Blow bonus allows for quick and forceful heavy attacks ensuring quick elimination of enemies. The One is an excellent example of both beauty and nature, with the Headhunter perk producing explosive effects when a zombie’s head breaks off and the Guardian perk offering increased resistance.

2. Brutalizer

Brutalizer Credits- Dambuster Studios

Using the Superior Melee Mutilator mod, the razor-sharp weapon Brutalizer like its name means causes destruction among the zombies damaging its targets with each hit. Brutalizer becomes an unmatched weapon of death with the Bloodlust perk enhancing the power of its assaults and the Contagious perk affecting nearby enemies. This legendary weapon turns its owner into a powerful weapon of nature when combined with the strategic handling of skills.

1. Blood Rage

Blood Rage Credits- Dambuster Studios

Blood Rage’s dagger-like design is proof to its quickness and brutality representing the skill of quick and accurate battle. This famous weapon which was formerly mastered by the powerful Xian Mei, is perfect for fighters who values accuracy and speed in the battlefield because it can deliver quick, damaging strikes.

Blood Rage gains strength from the Puncture Wound perk which increases critical damage, and the Superior Melee Punctuator Mod which gives its attacks a bleeding effect. Also, the Virus mod makes sure that the bleed effect spreads to surrounding enemies causing damage in the process.

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