Top 5 Most Powerful Titans in Attack On Titan

There are only nine Titans that can exist at once and these are very rare because they have unique abilities.

Credits- Tetsuya Kinoshita
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The powerful characters known as Titans appear in the Attack on Titan anime. Some Titans are more powerful because they possess the ability to transform into other forms. There are only nine Titans that can exist at once and these are very rare because they have unique abilities. Top 5 Most Powerful Titans in Attack On Titan

Although the people who possess these abilities are not very long lived they can achieve a lot in their short life. The most powerful and well-known Titans in Attack on Titan are the top five and now is the time to discuss them.

5. Bertholdt and Armin

Bertholdt and Armin Credits- Tetsuya Kinoshita

One of the most well-known Titans is the Colossal Titan which first appeared in the first episode of the show. It breaks through a section of Wall Maria causing Shiganshina to collapse and sending Eren on a moving adventure. Standing almost 200 feet tall, the Colossal Titan was the biggest Titan until Eren’s Founding Titan appeared.

Bertholdt and Armin both use the explosive powers of the Colossal Titan to plan exact changes that result in near-nuclear explosions. All Titan Shifters release steam, but only the Colossal Titan produces air so hot it can drive away enemies.

4. Annie Leonhart

Annie Leonhart Credits- Tetsuya Kinoshita

Even though her name is deceptive the Female Titan is very powerful and durable. It’s unclear if male Shifters may pass on the Female Titan although there are no requirements for gender in the other eight. Annie Leonhart’s image as a legendary enemy is shown by the ease with which she eliminates a large number of skilled Scouts.

The Female Titan is still strong and able to go past most challenges even if Levi has surpassed her. It also has the rare ability to call in Pure Titans with screams however it is rarely used because of the immediate threat it presents.

3. Eren Yeager

Eren Yeager Credits- Tetsuya Kinoshita

Eren Kruger, Grisha Yeager and Eren Yeager are connected throughout time by the Attack Titan which is linked through its temporal immortality. Grisha described the Attack Titan as being naturally disrespectful and having vision and he is extremely strong and fast. Precisely timing everything Eren manipulates both Grisha and Kruger to accomplish his goals which include taking the Founding Titan.

2. Reiner Braun

Reiner Braun Credits- Tetsuya Kinoshita

Wrapped in layers of unbreakable armour the Armoured Titan shows unmatched durability taking little damage from cannon blasts. Reiner is hindered by its armoured surface but he makes up for it with amazing fury destroying everything in his way. Finally the Scouts are able to neutralise the Shining Centipede with the help of the Armoured Titan preventing more damage.

1. The Founding Titan

The Founding Titan Credits- Tetsuya Kinoshita

The Founding Titan the first of the Nine Titans and the strongest of them all is unmatched. Ymir Fritz’s accidental contact with the Shining Centipede is the source of its strength which is greater than that of its predecessors Eren’s Doomsday Titan for example. The Founding Titan is the most powerful character in the series with powers beyond description and the capacity to control memories of Eldians.

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