Top 5 Most Powerful Characters in Attack on Titan

We will find out the secrets and reasons behind the strength of Annie, Levi, Ymir, Mikasa and Eren all of them are powerful characters who play different parts in the story.

Credits- Tetsuya Kinoshita
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There are strong characters in Attack on Titan who are important to the story this article discusses five of them. We will find out the secrets and reasons behind the strength of Annie, Levi, Ymir, Mikasa and Eren all of them are powerful characters who play different parts in the story. Top 5 Most Powerful Characters in Attack on Titan

Annie is tough and skilled in combat, Levi is bold and strong Ymir has a tragic past but is incredibly strong, Mikasa is bold and strong as well and Eren has major changes and gains incredible power during the story. Let’s explore why these characters are so powerful.

Most Powerful Characters in Attack on Titan

5. Annie Leonhart

Annie Leonhart Credits- Tetsuya Kinoshita

Annie Leonhart, who was known for her aggressive mentality became a powerful character in the Attack on Titan world. Her combat skills are equal to Eren even when she pretended to be a Survey Corps member, her first appearance as the Female Titan displayed unmatched brutality making her a formidable opponent. 

Annie’s focus never changes in the face of challenges her brave actions during the series finale act as an example of that her determination will make her one of Attack on Titan’s strongest fighters.

4. Levi Ackerman

Levi Ackerman Credits- Tetsuya Kinoshita

An example of perfection Levi Ackerman’s skill remains unmatched throughout the series, Levi the backbone of humanity’s defence made sure that everyone survived inside the walls with his unmatched talent and selflessness. 

Levi proved his superior strength by defeating opponents like Zeke and Eren in his Titan form. Levi never gave up in his latter years which led to an incredible show of strength as he planned crucial scenes in the story’s climax.

3. Ymir

Ymir Credits- Tetsuya Kinoshita

The mysterious character of the Titan saga Ymir draws attention with her tragic backstory and unmatched strength, Ymir’s legacy of lasting injustice and suffering has influenced nations fates throughout history. Even though she stayed in the background, her influence was visible and affected events in the background. 

Ymir worked with Eren to bring the Raging to life and her presence guaranteed the unstoppable advance towards freedom. She becomes the strongest character in the series because of her strong determination and dangerous powers.

2. Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa Ackerman Credits- Tetsuya Kinoshita

One of the most powerful characters in Attack on Titan is Mikasa Ackerman an outstanding example of bravery and constancy. Mikasa stood out from the beginning due to her unchanging purpose and amazing combat skills. 

Mikasa’s strong willpower does not break when she faces Titans or her own inner issues. Her victory over the Founding Titan her signature moment shows how committed she is to her values Mikasa is a powerful opponent due to her constant dedication and unique purpose.

1. Eren Yeager

Eren Yeager Credits- Tetsuya Kinoshita

Eren Yeager journey which ended in his rise to unmatched power reflects hard work and progress, Eren rise from a poor start to become the most powerful Titan in history is truly amazing. 

Eren surprised everyone at every turn by mastering strategy and realising the full potential of the person he was, Eren’s legacy lives on across history as he leads his fellow soldiers to victory over huge challenges. Eren constant willpower and determination ensure that he remains one of Attack on Titan most strong heroes even in the face of strong opponents.

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