Top 5 Most Formidable Dragon Level Threats in One Punch Man

Some of them were made from experiments that went wrong, while others are just really big animals or aliens trying to take over.

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Dragon-level threats are the most dangerous enemies, able to destroy whole cities in One Punch Man. Even the strongest heroes have a hard time fighting them. In this article, we will talk about the top five most powerful Dragon-level threats in the series. Each of these monsters is different and very powerful, which makes them dangerous. Some of them were made from experiments that went wrong, while others are just really big animals or aliens trying to take over. These threats challenge the heroes and make them work as hard as they can. Top 5 Most Formidable Dragon Level Threats in One Punch Man.

Most Powerful Dragon Level Threats in One Punch Man

5. Evil Natural Water

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Evil Natural Water is a very dangerous Dragon level Mysterious Being created by accident during Gyoro Gyoro’s experiments. At first, it wasn’t much of a threat but it became much more dangerous after merging with the ocean he turns into Evil Ocean Water.

As a top member of the Monster Association Evil Natural Water is incredibly strong. Gyoro Gyoro kept it hidden because it was so powerful but when it was finally released, it quickly defeated three top A-Class heroes – Iaian, Bushidrill and Okamaitachi. After it merged with the ocean, it grew into one of the biggest and most powerful monsters. It was so strong that only Saitama’s Serious Punch could defeat it.

4. Elder Centipede

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Elder Centipede was a huge Dragon level monster and a top member of the Monster Association. His size and power were so immense that he was like a natural disaster and very few heroes could take him on.

Over the years, Elder Centipede grew even larger which makes him an incredibly tough opponent. He was fast and powerful and Gyoro Gyoro thought that only a few heroes like Tatsumaki, Metal Knight, Saitama and Blast might be able to defeat him. His strength was clear as he easily fought off S-Class heroes like Genos, Bang and Bomb. It finally took the combined efforts of King and Saitama to defeat him.

3. Golden Sperm

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Golden Sperm is the final form of Black Sperm’s cells after they merge together. He later becomes Platinum Sperm. Garou is the one who defeats him in the original webcomic.

Golden Sperm is made up of many Black Sperm cells which gives him a lot of power and speed. He shows how strong he is by easily beating Fuhrer Ugly and Superalloy Darkshine. Fuhrer Ugly was a Dragon-level threat while Superalloy Darkshine was a well-known S-Class hero famous for his incredible strength and toughness.

2. Boros

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Boros was the leader of the Dark Matter Thieves and his group of aliens attacked and destroyed A-City. Like Saitama also Boros was searching for a worthy opponent because he felt bored and unchallenged. His search leads them to Earth where he eventually meets Saitama.

Boros is the main villain in the Alien Conqueror Arc and he has complete control over a huge alien army. Boros and his species had incredible regenerative powers which allowed them to survive in extreme conditions. During his fight with Saitama, Boros shows off his incredible strength. He can take many punches and even survives Saitama’s serious punches. This made Boros one of Saitama’s toughest enemies to date.

1. Orochi

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Monster King Orochi was the dragon level leader of the Monster Association and a major villain in the Human Monster Saga. His power far exceeded that of normal dragon level threats.

It was clear that Orochi was the strongest, as even Gouketsu admitted that Orochi was the most powerful being on Earth. Bofoi, known as the Metal Knight, warned the Child Emperor about how dangerous Orochi was. Psyche considered him her greatest creation and supreme being. Orochi’s incredible strength and monstrous nature made him a true threat which represented the ultimate threat in the series.

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