Top 5 Darkest Anime Series of All Time

From Chainsaw Man to Death Note, they are all about deep feelings and tough choices.

Credits- Wit Studio
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Check out this article about really dark anime, this article is about the top five darkest anime series ever and they all have really interesting stories. From Chainsaw Man to Death Note, they are all about deep feelings and tough choices. You will learn about survival, relationships, despair and supernatural things. Whether you are a big anime fan or not but this article will keep you interested with its exploration of the darkest parts of anime. Top 5 Darkest Anime Series of All Time

5. Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man Credits- MAPPA

Chainsaw Man follows the story of a guy named Denji and he is dealing with a lot of problems after his dad dies which leaves him with lots of debt. Then he meets Pochita, Pochita is a Devil dog with chainsaw powers. Pochita helps Denji survive and fight off bad guys but things get tough when the Yakuza gang betrays him and he faces a scary Zombie Devil. Pochita sacrifices himself to save Denji and that changes him into something called the Chainsaw Man. Now he has to work for the government with a lady named Makima to hunt down Devils. Denji is on an incredible journey to figure out whatever he is in this new world and to face crucial problems related to life and death. 

4. Berserk

Berserk Credits- OLM

Berserk is about a tough guy named Guts who has been through a lot. He was born from a dead body and grew up with a mean dad. Things get even worse when he has to fight and kill his own dad to protect himself. Guts decides to leave all that behind and go on a journey by himself. Along the way he faces a lot of dangers and people who might betray him.

3. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul Credits- Pierrot 

We follow a guy named Ken Kaneki in Tokyo Ghoul and he is just a regular college student until he meets Rize Kamishiro. After a surgery gone wrong, he becomes half-human and half-ghoul which is super tough. Now he is stuck with these conflicting desires: one side of him wants to eat people and the other just wants a normal life. He finds some comfort with other ghouls at a coffee shop called Anteiku. But it’s hard for him to keep his ghoul side a secret from his human friends especially his best friend Hideyoshi Nagachika.

2. Attack On Titan

Attack On Titan Credits- Wit Studio

Attack on Titans is a very popular series and people liked this series. Attack on Titan is based on a scary world where huge Titans are everywhere and it makes you feel scared. The main story is about Eren Jaeger and his friends, they are trying to fight these big creatures and take back their home. It’s all about being brave, living together with friends and fighting even when it seems impossible. Along the way they find out secrets and have to deal with really tough challenges that make them prove how strong and brave they are.

1. Death Note

Death Note Credits- Toshio Nakatani

Death Note is one of the most popular anime series ever because of its unique story, the story follows a super smart high school guy named Light Yagami. He finds this magical notebook that lets him kill people just by writing their names in it. Light thinks he can make the world better by using this power. But there are people who want to stop him because they don’t like what he is doing. It’s a big battle between Light and his enemies over who gets to control everything.

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