Top 5 Best Dota 2 Heroes To Watch Out For At Lima Major 2023: All Information About It

Dota 2 Heroes that help players win change through annual updates. In July, Valve released the latest Dota 2 update - 7.27.

Players of Dota 2 dislike the 'disappointing' new 10-Year Anniversary content, Credit: Dota 2
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Dota 2 is an emotional game with many heroes and unconventional situations, but all players strive to win in spite of everything. Heroes that help players win change through annual updates. In July, Valve released the latest Dota 2 update – 7.27, which brought players a number of features, general upgrades, hero and item changes. In previous periods there have been heroes who helped the players win their matches.

Along with the lack of a traditional, huge post-The International 11 patch, there has also been a fair amount of shakeups in the meta, with some nerfs to strong heroes here and there in patch 7.32d. The once formidable Marcy has now become one of the most humble supports in the game, inspiring others to fill his shoes. If you need more information about Top 5 Best Dota 2 Heroes To Watch Out For At Lima Major 2023: All Information About It then read carefully and don’t forget to share with your friends.

Top 5 Best Dota 2 Heroes To Watch Out For At Lima Major 2023: All Information About It:

They’re all heroes that are tied up in a major long, drawn-out fight in this patch, whether it’s because they can sustain themselves or others, easily dip in and out of combat, or battle stances. can bend. Let’s take a look at what those heroes are, and why they’re likely to run in a big way at the Lima Major based on statistics from highly ranked matches, as well as professional matches throughout the season. Here are top 5 Best Dota 2 Heroes to watch out for at lima major 2023:

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Batrider will always be one of the strongest starters in the game. When the hero also becomes one of the strongest killers, then we have a problem with the balance. The hero received one of its most striking changes, where Sticky Napalm now deals damage. This helps the hero become an even stronger laner than before, especially in a short lane like mid, and gives extra buffs later in the game. Any lasso-ed target can say goodbye to their life – and that’s after several nerfs in 7.32b.

Items like Boots of Travel, Black King Bar, Blink Dagger, Witch Blade, and Octarine Core play to her strengths, making her an efficient, high-damage-dealing threat across the map, and unlike Lina, she Can also take the initiative. Batrider has a win rate of 53.7 percent in high-level matches, compared to others like Tinker and Husker, but he’s also been picked four times more often, so that’s an impressive number.


Lena isn’t just the best carry in Dota, she just might be its most broken hero. While the hero didn’t receive any nerfs in the current 7.32d patch, changes to Fiery Soul have finally been noticed. Pros have taken it like moths to a flame, leveraging it into a unique, low-man build that relies on accurate clicks rather than spells. In lane, she mostly gets protection from her absurdly long attack range, and usually pairs up with tanky melee support like fellow meta partner Trent Protector. It’s not uncommon to see him fully regenerated for Blades of Attack and Branches, maxing out poke damage in an effort to take opposing heroes out of lane.

With items like Boots of Travel, Gleipnir, Black King’s Bar, Silver Age, and Satanic, she can be everywhere and anywhere, with incredible control, damage, survivability, and even a defense that can be used Can also be done to surprise unsuspecting opponents at close range. -instant death.


Rubik has been one of the most picked and most prominent soft support heroes over the past few months, especially since his base damage was increased by three in the latest patch. However, the real reason is that he offers so much, be it stun and drag, nukes, saves if the Shard of Aghanim is bought, and of course, the ability to single-handedly turn the tide of a battle. Mantra of theft. Common items include Tranquil Boots, Aether Lens, Aghanim’s Shard (for the above reason), Blink Dagger or Force Staff, and Glimmer Cape. It’s nothing out of the ordinary, but it’s just great, and he’ll almost certainly be seen a lot at the Lima Major.

2.Death Prophet

Death Prophet’s changelogs take a quick look, which reveal just how nuanced the hero needs to be to keep from breaking down completely. Sorcery is always a spell to think about when playing against Death Prophet. It’s a team fight, shove, and rouge-taking spell in one, making it an incredible ultimate that can propel the hero into the lauded halls of OP-ness. She now plays mostly as a position three, occasionally flexing to the midlane.

This patch, he’s a perfect candidate for the new Guardian Greaves Rush, which has become the default build this patch for criminals using mana to maintain their low cooldown spells. Mekansm is also a great item to boost her low armor, as well as provide a burst heal when her soul siphon isn’t enough to sustain herself.


Broodmother is the second most picked offlane hero in the meta right now, and for a good reason. She does what she always has – slaying lanes, taking down towers, and inflicting pain and misery on enemy caster corps and support heroes. Known as the terror of pubs, the Broodmother can be equally terrifying against pro teams that fail to take precautions against her lane-winning and farming abilities. Despite the nerfs in this patch after arguably being one of the heroes of the tournament at TI11, Black Arachnia has become a terrifying infestation in the offseason.

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