Top 5 Anime Openings That Will Get Stuck in Your Head

Anime openings with our curated list of the top 5 tracks that will get stuck in your head. From Demon Slayer to Burnout Syndrome's FLY HIGH.

Top 5 Anime Openings (Credits: Studio Production I.G, Unfotable, Big Firebird Culture, Pierrot, A-1 Pictures)
By Saheel Khirodkar | May 14, 2024 | 4 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Enjoy five spectacular anime openings in this article, which have captured the attention of a broad audience thanks to their feature of being sticky and their perfect balance of sound and visuals that you can watch whenever you hear them. These 5 anime openings embody the perfect prelude that attracts the wonderful worlds represented through them, at the same time defining the atmosphere and taking away the characters. These musical melodies, delivered with utmost care, do not only complement the visuals but also incorporate the narrative element as an essential part of the viewing. Each one of these credits gives you a unique picture of the emotional spectrum.

Note: The ranking is based on recent trends and social media likings plus writers’ review and opinions

5 Best Anime Openings You Need to Know!

1. Gurenge – Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is a popular anime with popular opening. Performed by LiSA, Gurenge perfectly contains the intensity and action-filled nature of the show. With its powerful vocals, catchy melody, and driving beat, this song will have you humming along and tapping your feet in no time. The anime follows the story of Tanjiro Kamado, a young man who becomes a demon slayer after his family is tragically slaughtered and his sister is turned into a demon. Gurenge captures the determination and resilience of the protagonist, making it an unforgettable addition to the show’s soundtrack.

2. Bling-Bang-Bang-Born – Mashle the magic world

Combining smooth rapping, soulful singing and a funky beat, “Bling-Bang-Bang-Born” by Creepy Nuts is a real opening gem for the anime “Mashlle the magic world.” This exceptional and stylishly composed tune perfectly sums up the theme of the show, where the protagonist Mash Burnedead confronts an evil magic organization although he takes birth without magical abilities. The melodious rhythm and catchy lyrics of the music will immediately get you dancing and singing together. The song is a breath of fresh air from stereotypical rock anthems typical for the anime openings. “Bling-Bang-Bang-Born” becomes extraordinary and etches an indelible landmark in the mind of many viewers.

3. Your Majesty Spare Your Life – Spare Me, Great Lord!

“Your Majesty Spare Your Life” by AZA, is a fun, bubbly intro to the fantasy anime “Spare Me, Great Lord!”. This perky melody presents the easygoing and fun character of the story, describing it as a disgraced god who has found reincarnation. Its vivacious colors and catchy notes will make the song stick in your memory. However, it will have you bopping and humming before you even know it. Its good balance of fantasy elements that are unique and earworming beats make it quite a success in the genre of anime opening that nothing but be repeated in your head even after the credits are over.

4. Unravel – Tokyo Ghoul

Note: Unravel is not listed high because of the equal opportunity newcomers and trends

For instance, if you are one of those who likes anime that screams it out, “Unravel” by TK From Ling tosite Sigure must be an excellent choice. This song epitomizes the overall feeling of dread that emerges from the show “Tokyo Ghoul,” the story of humanity and ghoulinity coexisting, with ghouls and humans – the eaters of human – living in intermingling status. Upon the first string of guitar and the chilling sound of the vocals, you could really feel a sense of unease as if the fog was gathering just above your head. Both lyrically and in the instrumentation, “Unravel” blends perfectly with the show to offer viewers a partial and heavier approach. As viewers, you will still continue to think about this show long after it has been completed and you will keep in mind the address of this. While it still keeps manly loomed into your psychological layer.

5. Fly High!! – Haikyuu!!

If you’re craving a jam-packed with energy rock tune, I doubt you’ll find a better one than “Fly High!!” by Burnout Syndromes which happens to be the opening theme for a sports anime “Haikyuu!!.” The track with its engine at maximum performance piloting skill nailing the flight of verb competition and the cockpit of subject friendship in the series, accordingly, flying through the sky takes place with the rapidity and we witness the characters’ journey to the top. With its fist-pumping, enthusiastically spirited lyrics and vibrant beat, it’s “Fly High!!” that will pump up your spirit so that you become mentally prepared to face the world. If you like sports anime or are just a rock music lover, this one’s opening and you also cannot help it but sing along and feel great.

Final Thoughts on These 5 Anime Openings

These 5 anime openings showcase the incredible diversity and talent within the world of anime music. From hard-hitting rock anthems to soulful ballads, each song leaves a lasting impression and perfectly captures the essence of its respective show. Whether you’re a die-hard anime fan or simply appreciate great music, these openings are sure to get stuck in your head – in the best possible way. From new-gen Bling Bang Bang to old classy Unravel every now and then these songs hit hard when played.

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