Top 4 games like PUBG Mobile Lite for iOS devices in 2021

The debate around which game to play after PUBG Mobile Lite was banned is still going on. Here are four games one can play if they have an iOS device.

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Top 4 games like PUBG Mobile Lite for iOS devices in 2021: The world of gaming is slowly and steadily transforming. Gone are the days when children awaited an opportunity to purchase a laptop boasting of all the parameters necessary to run the latest video game in the market. With every passing day, the objective of every organization is to make their product as customer-friendly as possible, so as to develop a steady and loyal audience that is satisfied to the core. Games are now being designed specifically for mobiles, with a mobile almost an inseparable part of our lives. Improved data connectivity and availability of fancy phones boasting of the latest technology at reasonable prices, has made the world of mobile-based gaming even more popular.

PUBG Mobile Lite is considered one of the most popular games currently in the world, for those gamers who possess mid-range phones. The essence of PUBG Mobile has been maintained in the lighter version, with a smaller map designed for 60 players enabling a faster-paced game. However, there is a lack of clarity over when it will be available again for gamers in India.

Bearing this in mind, let’s take a look at four similar top games for iOS devices in 2021:

1) Danger Close: Danger Close has developed significantly with regard to the overall gameplay in recent times. The game provides a chance to play an intense multiplayer battle, with an extensive map making it all the more easier. One can play in eight different places with a pirate-infested island or alien planets being some of the options available. A gamer can take advantage of new options like looting, recoil as well as a quality inventory system. Not only this, he/she can also join an online FPS deathmatch and have tons of fun. Certainly a decent alternative to PUBG Mobile for those in search of a quick multiplayer game with friends even with a limited data pack, considering the small download size.

2) Call of Duty: Mobile: Call of Duty: Mobile offers a lot of features that make PUBG popular. A 100-player battle royale mode, a 5V5 deathmatch, multiplayer modes like CoD Black Ops are some of those. One can also customise the weapons, character, earn rewards. Compatibility with both budget and high-tier devices is another positive aspect, which makes it an interesting alternative to PUBG.

3) ScarFall – The Royale Combat: The game is steadily emerging as a top source of entertainment for those gamers who appreciate quality graphics. It can be enjoyed without an internet connection, which is certainly something much appreciated by the fans. The game involves survival in a shrinking safe zone, with 3 chances made available to emerge victorious. Great controls and excitement at every stage make it an interesting option for anyone looking to have some fun. ScarFall offers both third-person and first-person shooter mode.

4) Battlelands Royale: The shooter game features a 32-player battle royale theme with a cartoonish gameplay environment. The game can be played either in a solo or duo mode, with a detailed map and excellent pace making it a good source of entertainment.

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