Tokyo Revengers Chapter 251 Raw Scan, Spoilers, Release Date, Where To Read Online

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Chapter 250 of Tokyo Revengers ends on a cliffhanger. We’re reminded of an old story once more. The Sanzu and Senju families’ ancestors. Tokyo Revengers Chapter 251 is most likely where we’ll find out more about it. Tokyo Revengers Chapter 251 Raw Scan, Spoilers, Release Date, Where To Read Online

You have no idea when or where the next chapter will be available if you’re here. Never fear, we’ve got your back. Everything you need to know about Tokyo Revengers Chapter 251 Spoilers, Release Date, and Where To Read Manga Online can be found right here.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 250

Because Tokyo Revengers Chapter 251 has yet to be released, we can go over what happened in Chapter 250. The duel between Kakucho and Takemichi will be rescheduled because the Tokyo Manji Gang’s second-generation leader is proving too strong for Kakucho.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 251 Raw Scan, Spoilers

The first set of panels depicts Inupi being mercilessly beaten up by Benkei and Wakasa as he begs Koko for assistance. Koko sees Akane, who thanks him and tells him to live his life as he wishes. Koko finally comes to Inupi’s aid, releasing his last tether to her death.

Koko steps in between Benkei and Inupi just as he is about to punch the former Black Dragon member. Koko continues to hit Benkei until the latter collapses unconscious, at which point he returns his gaze to Inui with a seemingly carefree smile on his face. As they prepare to face Wakasa, Inupi appears relieved to have his friend back.

Mikey is shown ordering Hanma to “clean up the mess” in the second set of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 251 raw scans. As he receives the order, Hanma removes his mask. Many fans suspected Mikey had injured Hanma in retaliation for his role in Emma’s death, and he was wearing a mask to conceal the disfigurement. However, Hanma’s face appears unblemished, proving the theory incorrect for the time being.

In the panels, Mitsuya and Hakkai encounter Chifuyu, who is carrying an injured but triumphant Akkun. The two teams congratulate each other on their victories before Hanma appears in front of them, presumably intending to fight all four.

The final set of spoilers show Haruki “Pah-Chin” Hayashida approaching Mikey from his perch on an overhead bridge, where he is observing the fight. Pah-Chin asks Mikey if it’s satisfying to watch the fights from this vantage point. Pah challenges Mikey to a duel despite the fact that Mikey barely acknowledges his former comrade.

The most significant change in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 251 is undoubtedly Kokonoi’s acceptance of Akane’s death. While he is undoubtedly traumatised, he can now begin to heal. Coming to Inui’s aid demonstrates that he is ready for the next step.

The previous chapter led some fans to believe that Tokyo Revengers Chapter 251 would focus on Haruchiyo’s perspective on the toy plane incident. The chapter, however, appears to have shifted focus to other ongoing battles, and readers will have to wait until later in the arc for the flashback.

Readers have expressed their dissatisfaction with Hanma and Mikey’s absence from the battle thus far. It will be interesting to see Hanma take on four of Toman’s best fighters. Pah-fight Chin’s with Mikey appears to be the culmination of their childhood rivalry as well as the conclusion of the Moebius arc. The full translation of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 251 will provide readers with more information about the ongoing battle.

Release Date of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 251

The chapter will be released on Tuesday, April 26, 2022.

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