Tokyo Revengers chapter 250 Raw Scan and Spoilers: Haruchiyo is merciless to Senju And More

On Wednesday, April 20, Tokyo Revengers chapter 250 will be officially released.

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Chapter 250 of Tokyo Revengers is expected to include resolutions to some of the ongoing battles. The leaked raw scans show not only the conclusion of the fight between Akkun and Madarame, but also the progress of Senju’s and Inui’s fights. Tokyo Revengers chapter 250 Raw Scan and Spoilers: Haruchiyo is merciless to Senju And More

Readers will also see Benkei return to the scene. The raw scans have not expanded on Takemichi and Mikey’s roles, nor have they confirmed what happened to the Haitani brothers after the previous chapter.

Tokyo Revengers chapter 250 raw scan show end to Senju’s and Akkun’s fights, Inupi has a brand new challenger

The first few panels of the raw scans of Tokyo Revengers chapter 250 show Akkun and Madarame attempting to punch each other, with the former succeeding.

Akkun knocks Madarame out with a single punch. He is shown standing over the unconscious body of the other fighter in the following panel.

The next three panels depict Benkei approaching Inupi and Wakasa. According to the spoilers (courtesy of Tokyo Revenji @tokyorevenji), Inui questions Waka about why he and Benkei joined the Kantou Manji Gang despite previously being a part of Brahman.

Waka tells Inui to ask Benkei, who appears behind him, why they abandoned Senju.

Benkei informs Inui that, while Wakasa may be forgiving, he is not. He strikes Inui, who falls to the ground, and Benkei stands over him while Waka looks on. Inui is bracing himself for a fight with both of them.

Senju and Sanju are the focus of the final few panels of Tokyo Revengers chapter 250 raw scans. Senju, visibly bruised and bleeding, begs Haruchiyo to stop fighting. She apologises to him for what happened with Mikey and the toy aeroplane in the past. She still blames herself and refuses to fight either of her brothers.

Haruchiyo snarls at her and informs her that she has no knowledge of what happened that day. However, he makes no explanation and brutally hits her with the steel pipe. As Haruchiyo walks away, Senju collapses to the ground, blood oozing from her wounds.

What To Expect?

Inui would have struggled to defeat Waka on his own, but Benkei’s appearance makes victory even more improbable.

Koko will almost certainly be forced to come to Inupi’s aid, turning the fight into a two-on-two. Koko, on the other hand, was neither seen nor mentioned in Tokyo Revengers chapter 250 spoilers.

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Shion Madarame will be knocked out with one punch for the third time. This fight marks the conclusion of Atsushi’s character arc. His belief in Takemichi has finally come full circle. This victory would be even more motivating for Toman.

Senju’s defeat at the hands of Haruchiyo seems out of character, despite the fact that he knows her moves and has the advantage of wielding a weapon. While Haruchiyo has never been shown to be a particularly strong fighter, Senju has been lauded as one of the series’ best.

The way Tokyo Revengers chapter 250 mentions the toy plane incident suggests that another flashback is on the way, this time from Haruchiyo’s perspective. Readers have only known what Senju saw and the conclusion she reached so far.

The new angle could exonerate Mikey of his crimes and explain Haruchiyo’s obsessive devotion to him. However, it could also provide no new reason and only serve to highlight Mikey’s inherent darkness and Haruchiyo’s suppressed trauma.

Where To Read

On Wednesday, April 20, Tokyo Revengers chapter 250 will be officially released. The chapter is available on INKR, InkyPen, Mangamo, ComiXology, Kindle, and other Kodansha-affiliated online platforms.

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