Tokyo Revengers Chapter 249 Spoilers: Mitsuya and Chifuyu End The Fight, Takemichi, Akkun And Senju Continue

"Good Chemistry" is the title of Tokyo Revengers chapter 249.

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The climax of the fight between Mitsuya, Hakkai, and the Haitani brothers is presented in Tokyo Revengers chapter 249. It also depicts the conclusion of Chifuyu’s fight with Mochizuki Kanji. Akkun, Senju, and Takemichi, on the other hand, are still engrossed in their respective battles. Tokyo Revengers Chapter 249 Spoilers: Mitsuya and Chifuyu End The Fight, Takemichi, Akkun And Senju Continue

Following the backlash over Mikey’s past and the contentious Bonten arc, these individual fights have endeared the series to readers once more. Mikey, on the other hand, has yet to appear in the battle.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 249 Spoilers: Mitsuya and Chifuyu End The Fight, Takemichi, Akkun And Senju Continue

Mitsuya and Hakkai prepared to fight the Haitani brothers again in the previous chapter. Wakasa interrupted Inui and Koko and began a duel with the former. Senju came across Haruchiyo, who had no qualms about beating up his younger brother.

“Good Chemistry” is the title of Tokyo Revengers chapter 249.

Mitsuya and Hakkai defeat the Haitani brothers

Hakkai tells Mitsuya in Tokyo Revengers chapter 249 that the Haitani brothers excel at teamwork, as evidenced by his and Angry’s fight against them during the Tenjiku arc.

To prevent this, Hakkai grabs Rindou and drags him away from Ran. Mitsuya takes advantage of the situation to attack the latter, while Hakkai also defeats Rindou.

After a while, even when Mitsuya calls for him, Ran is unable to get up. The fight between them is entertaining enough to make both his and Mitsuya smile. Rindou appears to have lost consciousness as well, and Mitsuya and Hakkai are victorious in the end.

Chifuyu defeats Mochizuki, but Takemichi’s fight continues

The action then shifts to Chifuyu and Mochizuki, who are still fighting in Tokyo Revengers chapter 249. Mochizuki is irritated that despite having a clear advantage in body type, he cannot subdue Chifuyu. The latter is offended and knocks him out with a single punch, declaring that as a person, he has always been 100 times bigger than Mochizuki.

Toman members celebrate after securing two consecutive victories, but Smiley warns them that Kantou Manji Gang can turn the tide at any time if they bring out their other fighters and manpower.

As if to demonstrate this, the chapter cuts to Takemichi and Kakucho, both of whom are exhausted. Kakucho inquires as to whether Takemichi is finished, but the Toman President continues to fight.

Senju and Akkun are in trouble

Haruchiyo appears to be outclassing Senju as well. Haruchiyo can read his little sister’s every move because he raised her as a child. It also doesn’t help that he has a steel pipe on hand. While Senju is visibly beaten and her head is bleeding, her brother appears unaffected.

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The scene then shifts to Atsushi, who has cuts and bruises all over his face as a result of Shion Madarame’s use of brass knuckles. Atsushi claims that if it had been in the past, he would have drawn a knife to fight Madarame. He is, however, devoted to Takemichi and will fight this battle with honour.

What To Expect From Tokyo Revengers Chapter 249?

Once again, there is no sign of Hanma or Benkei in Tokyo Revengers chapter 249. Mikey has yet to engage in a fight with anyone. While the previous chapter focused on Wakasa confronting Inui, they were not depicted in this issue.

While Toman is currently enjoying back-to-back victories, Smiley made an excellent point that they would be in trouble if Kantou decided to use Benkei or Hanma in one of their ongoing fights. Mikey’s motivations are unknown at this time, but Takemichi is likely to be the one to confront him.

Many fans hoped to see Taiju Shiba or Takeomi Akashi return to the manga, but this appears unlikely. While the former can still stand in the way of Senju and Haruchiyo, Senju’s character seems to indicate that she will win her own fights. Hopefully, the following chapter will reveal what happened to Inui and Wakasa.

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