Tokyo Revengers Chapter 249 Raw Scan, Spoilers Reddit, Where To Read Online, Release Date (Updated)

By Aaryanshi Mohan | Apr 10, 2022 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Fans have been debating which fight will be the focus of Tokyo Revengers chapter 249, and today’s spoilers have revealed the answer. Wakui appears to have divided his attention between Mitsuya’s, Chifuyu’s, and Senju’s fights, according to Tokyo Revengers chapter 249 raw scan and spoilers provided by the Twitter account Tokyo Revenji @tokyorevenji.

Mikey, Takemichi, or Inupi are not mentioned in the spoilers. On April 13, the official chapter will be released.

Mitsyua and Hakkai separate Haitani brothers Tokyo Revengers chapter 249 raw scan shows

Wakasa interrupted Inui and Koko in the previous chapter, claiming Inui as his opponent. Senju encountered Haruchiyo, who challenged her to a duel with a steel pipe.

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Mitsuya met the Haitani brothers when he was 13 years old and idolised them. He and Hakkai are currently preparing to battle them despite being surrounded by Kanto members.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 249 Spoilers Reddit

Hakkai moved Rindou Haitani to a different location on the battlefield so Ran and Mitsuya could fight one-on-one. The panel revealed that Hakkai could have defeated Rindou on his own.

Mitsuya and Ran fight, and Mitsuya appears to have the upper hand. He tells Ran to get up, but she is unable to do so. They both agreed that it had been a good fight.

The action then shifts to the duel between Senju Kawaragi and Haruchiyo Sanju in Tokyo Revengers chapter 249. Senju was visibly bruised, her head bleeding, and her face bruised.

Haruchiyo, on the other hand, does not appear to be affected. He mocks her by saying that he can read her movements because he has raised her since they were children.

What To Expect From Chapter 249?

Many fans are concerned about Mitsuya’s fate because Ran’s smile suggests that he has something planned. Others, however, believe that the two may form a bond after a good fight. If Hakkai has indeed defeated Rindou, Toman is now in a position of strength.

Chifuyu has always been a strong fighter, so his victory over Mochizuki comes as no surprise. Although Tokyo Revengers chapter 249 spoilers haven’t explicitly stated that Chifuyu won the fight, he’s unlikely to lose now.

Senju is at a significant disadvantage. Haruchiyo is older and more experienced in battle than she is. He is also armed with a steel pipe, while she is fighting with her bare hands.

Senju also wants to save her brother, so she must subconsciously restrain herself. Haruchiyo has no qualms and appears to be eager to injure his younger sister.

The fight between Wakasa and Inui, as well as the one between Atsushi and Madarame, is not depicted in the raw scans of Tokyo Revengers chapter 249. Takemichi and Mikey haven’t been seen in the last two chapters, and nothing about Hanma’s battle has been revealed. Hopefully, the official translation will shed some light on some of these issues.

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