Tokyo Revengers chapter 245 Raw Scans, Spoilers, Release Date, Where To Read Tokyo Revengers Chapter 245

Everyone expected the final showdown between the Tokyo Manji Gang and the Kantou Manji Gang to begin in this chapter

(Credits: Twitter-user Mina @ taiyakiboi02)
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The raw scans of four panels from Tokyo Revengers chapter 245 have just been leaked, thanks to Twitter user Mina @ taiyakiboi02, and their contents have shocked the fandom. Tokyo Revengers chapter 245 Raw Scans, Spoilers, Release Date Where To read Tokyo Revengers Chapter 245

Everyone expected the final showdown between the Tokyo Manji Gang and the Kantou Manji Gang to begin in this chapter, but no one expected Wakui to focus on Takemichi in this manner.

Tokyo Revengers fans have long wondered why Takemichi was not getting physically stronger, but Wakui has reminded everyone that Takemichi was a great fighter from the start, and he still is.

Takemichi shocks Mikey by taking down Kakucho in Tokyo Revengers chapter 245

In the previous chapter, both Tokyo Manji and Kantou Manji expressed a desire to compete for the title of “Toman.” Kantou’s 500 members were pitted against Toman’s 50. Takemichi and others were surprised to see Hanma, Waka, and Benkei, despite the fact that Chifuyu and Hakkai had promised to take down Mochizuki and Ran, respectively.

On Mikey’s orders, Sanju Haruchiyo insulted the members of Tokyo Manji, to which Takemichi replied that they will defeat Kantou and take over the “Toman” name.

Tokyo Revengers chapter 245 raw scans

The two gangs are seen charging at each other in the leaked panels of Tokyo Revengers chapter 245. Mikey, Haruchiyo, and Kokonoi are not present on the Kantou Side, despite the fact that every essential member of Tokyo Manji is seen leading the charge.

The raw scans do not reveal what happened between both charge and the full-fledged brawl. The next leaked page, on the other hand, shows Takemichi aiming a punch at Kakucho. His posture and expression remind him of the younger Takemichi, who was once his friend. When they were kids, he considered Takemichi to be his “hero.”

The following page depicts Takemichi delivering the knockout blow to Kakucho. The punch is so powerful that the latter is flung back and slides across the ground until he comes to a halt at Mikey’s feet.

Takemichi’s strength astounded Chifuyu and Hakkai, and while their faces were not shown in the leaked Tokyo Revengers chapter 245 pages, the other members must be astounded as well.

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Most importantly, Mikey is taken aback by Takemichi’s punch. The latter is shown smiling as his attack lands, and his face is bruised, indicating that he has also been hit.

He looks at Mikey and says something that is not revealed in the leaked scans. The most recent leaked panel depicts them squarely looking at each other, presumably before charging in for a one-on-one match.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 245 Spoilers

  • In this chapter, the final battle begins.
  • Takemichi’s strength was underestimated by Kakucho.
  • Takemichi is still as powerful as before, but he now has a completely different appearance.
  • Takemichi punches Kakucho, who flees.
  • By looking at him, Kakucho recalls his childhood friend, whom he used to refer to as ‘Hero!!’
  • Everyone is taken aback by Takemichi’s strength.
  • Takemichi claims that even if he does not reach Mikey, he is prepared for it.
  • More spoilers will be added in the near future.

Where To Read Tokyo Revengers Chapter 245?

Tokyo Revengers is only available in Japanese in Weekly Shonen Magazine, and there is no official weekly release. Despite the fact that there are weekly fan translations in English, we recommend that you support the author and the franchise by purchasing official English-translated volumes.

Kodansha US has suggested a few websites where you can read, purchase, or download official manga volumes or chapters. You can also get the manga from Kodansha’s official website in the United States.

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