Today’s manga news is about the attack on titan and Jujutsu Kaisen

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The first news starts with a new manga being planned, according to the creator of Attack on Titan. Eren Jeager was a lifelong companion of the Attack on Titan founder, but lately, he hasn’t done anything other than relax. After all, Hajime Isayama’s manga came to an end a while ago, and this year Attack on Titan will end permanently. It won’t be long before the anime’s final episodes are released, and Isayama has already begun doing publicity for it. Fans were shocked when Isayama recently said he would try to pick up the pen, and he did so at a recent performance. Today’s manga news is about the attack on titan and Jujutsu Kaisen

The new information is based on Isayama’s most recent trip to France. In order to discuss Attack on Titan and his career, the creator appeared at a comic book conference. The author responded that he has been working on a unique project in the background when a moderator questioned him about the future.

He revealed that “this hasn’t been announced yet” (via pikaedition). “I might pick up my pen, nevertheless, and write another 15 pages. Although I can’t make any promises to you, I will do my best in light of your warm applause.” That is what it is, then. Manga is still an idea that Isayama is pursuing. At the moment, the artist is taking a well-deserved vacation, but if fans show their support, Isayama might be persuaded to release more music in the future.

That is an excellent question, and Isayama may write about anything. Attack on Titan is not something that the artist intends to continue, as they have often said. No follow-ups are planned, but Isayama acknowledges that some aspects of the story he would be interested in developing further. Isayama expressed curiosity about learning more about the history of Levi during a meeting with Crunchyroll at Anime NYC. In light of this, if we are fortunate, perhaps in the future we shall discover more about humanity’s greatest soldier…

The second news start with A Surprising Fushiguro Twist is dropped in the Cliffhanger of Jujutsu Kaisen

This week sees the return of Jujutsu Kaisen, and author Gege Akutami made sure to end it with a shocking revelation. The manga surprised readers with a cliffhanger, as it had done so frequently before, leaving everyone scratching their heads. And the Fushiguro family is at the centre of the story twist this time. Consequently, you have been forewarned! There are significant spoilers for chapter 211 of Jujutsu Kaisen below. Proceed with caution as you read!

If you’ve read the manga up to date, you’ll be aware of everything that happened this week. Megumi was able to introduce a rule enabling substitutes to the Culling Game after consulting with the team. Kogane helped her out with the rule addition. Since his step-sister was made to play the game despite his lack of experience, Megumi was understandably quick to request Tsukimi. When the duo reunited, though, things changed from being straightforward to being nasty.

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Because Tsukimi enters the game at the end of chapter 211 and receives 100 points for doing so, she qualifies as a team substitution. While Tsukimi turns the switch, Megumi and the group first don’t think anything is wrong. Instead of quitting the Culling Game, the girl uses her 100 points to introduce a new rule that allows people to enter and exit from any colony border, which completely disrupts the competition.

Everyone is taken aback by the abrupt switch, and Tsukimi can only smugly smile at Megumi. As a result of his conviction that Tsukimi would never do something like this, the child asks who this person is as the chapter closes. Now, we must wait till chapter 212 to find out how Megumi’s stepsister got into this predicament.

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