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Cradit- PUBG New State
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A Valentine’s Day-themed event has been announced by New State Mobile. New State Mobile introduces many themed events for players across the world and recently a “special” in-game event for Valentine’s Day has been announced by New State Mobile. Take Heart, Love State is the name of the event, which lasts through February 21. The corporation claims that during this time, players can claim “exciting” free items with Valentine’s Day themes. The company stated, “Celebrating the season of love, New State Mobile has released an all-new unique in-game event for Valentine’s Day.”

There are several in-game goods available, ranging from clothing to weapon crates

Players of New State Mobile have the opportunity to take part in quests and everyday acquire “interesting” prizes. These products are “focused around the theme of love and togetherness,” according to the manufacturer. They will be kept in the player’s inventory indefinitely after being claimed. Couple clothes themed weapon skins, and boxes with “guaranteed” goodies are just a few of the in-game prizes available.

Using this in-game option, you can get rewards

Players can access the Take Heart, New State page under the “Event” section to enter to win these digital giveaways. Users can find a variety of mission goals here, such as logging in every day, winning a “Chicken Dinner” with a friend, delivering gifts to other players, gathering dressing room likes, and much more.

Here is everything you need to know about the new map that Krafton has teased for New State Mobile

Cradit- PUBG New State

Since New State Mobile’s beginning in the mobile gaming industry, Krafton has never missed a deadline for one of its routine upgrades, and this time they are creating a new desert Map. On January 27, the business first hinted that the game would get a new map. The name of the upcoming desert map in New State Mobile, which will be unveiled on February 18 by Krafton, was hinted at yesterday. The most recent addition will be the third battle-royale map in the game and appears to be akin to Miramar from PUBG Mobile.

Following the prohibition on Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) in India, New State Mobile’s popularity is progressively increasing. A number of professional BGMI esports teams have recently finished competing in the SPS New State Mobile India Open LAN, and they are now moving on to the New State Mobile esports scene. There are rumours that more competitions, including LAN events, will be conducted shortly and that most BGMI players would switch to New State Mobile.

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New State Mobile’s New Map Has Been Teased by Krafton

A new map’s many regions are seen in a 17-second video teaser given by the publisher. “The new map is just around the bend!” the announcement exclaims. Vote on the new map’s name to see who can guess it best!

Players must predict the forthcoming map’s name in a community poll where the name has not yet been revealed to the public. If 30% of voters correctly guess the name in the poll, Krafton announced that they would give out in-game goodies.

How to take part in the voting poll is as follows:

• Click here to access the Google form where the voting will take place.

• Scroll down to the end and select your choice among the three listed options: 1. Caska, 2. Calido and 3. Lagna

• Tap or click on ‘Submit’ to lock your response.

Three names were teased in the game: Caska, Calido, and Lagna, one of which were chosen to be the title of the battleground in the desert. Fans are excited to play the map as soon as it is released because of this announcement’s increased excitement.

The most recent map, which will be the smallest one of New State Mobile, will be 44 KM in size. Troi, a map set in the future, and Erangel 2051, a post-apocalyptic version of Erangel, are the two classic maps available right now in the game. These two BR maps each have a size of 8 by 8 kilometres. Players will have a new experience playing in a lot more frantic manner because the most recent addition is only half as big as the current maps.

Athletes now have access to the best competition thanks to the arrival of the desert map to PUBG New State esports. The esports scene for the game hasn’t yet officially started, but there are already a number of local third-party competitions happening all around the world. Since Krafton’s battle royale title, BGMI, was suppressed, there has been an abundance of tournaments in India.

The February update, which is scheduled to go live in the fourth week of this month, is when the new map is expected to be launched.

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