Today’s Esports news is about Puppey Prepares to Face KuroKy's Nigma Galaxy and DOTA 2 powerhouses

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The first news is Puppey Prepares to Face KuroKy’s Nigma Galaxy in the WEU DPC Clement “Puppey” Ivanov, the captain of Team Secret, recently discussed his anticipation in a post-game interview about taking on Kuro “KuroKy” Takhasomi and Nigma Galaxy. Team Secret was finally able to exhale with relief after managing to secure its first victory of the season versus Into the Breach during Division I of the Western Europe Dota Pro Circuit 2023 (WEU DPC) after having dropped five straight games. Today’s Esports news is about Puppey Prepares to Face KuroKy’s Nigma Galaxy and DOTA 2 powerhouses

While he mostly discussed the club’s recent slump in performance, he also went into detail on the team’s forthcoming game against Nigma Galaxy because a second victory over the latter would put the squad in a good position to avoid relegation to Division II.

The fight will take place in the venue after we sell tickets. – Puppey discusses the upcoming matchup with KuroKy’s Nigma Galaxy

Puppey, the captain of Team Secret, began the post-game interview by discussing the team’s mood following the victory after having a disastrous start to the year. “Well, we started to realise that we would get demoted [if things continue as they are] and then I started to grasp as you said, I’m going to be facing Kuro soon and there needs to be a hyped matchup and stuff. I haven’t played in a relegation game before, so it’s kind of unusual,” he remarked.

He continued by humorously stating that he will handle the game as if it were a gladiator duel in an arena as the team’s next opponent will be Nigma Galaxy. “As a result, we’ll be selling tickets to a venue somewhere. We will have an arena built up, so I’m doing it for the money. By the way, this is all planned; it is not happening because we are losing or for any other reason. But when questioned about the squad’s preparations for Nigma Galaxy, he also had a sombre response.

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You don’t prepare for a team differently just because it’s a new squad, thus there isn’t a true response to these problems. The way it works is that you simply prepare differently for each squad. No matter if it’s Nigma or Tundra, the preparation will always be different. I’ll tell you one thing: Nigma Galaxy is in just as much of a mess as we are. They are experiencing far more negative events than positive ones. So, in some ways, like us.

Perhaps though it has now recorded its first victory of the year, Team Secret must defeat Nigma Galaxy in its last series on January 27 in order to trigger a two-way or even a three-way tiebreaker that would determine which team would not be sent to Division II.

The second news is about in DPC 2023, DOTA 2 powerhouses are dethroned by newcomers

Fans of Team Secret, Fnatic, and Nigma should make room since there are some new players in town. This winter, powerhouses have struggled, and by the end of the month, they might be playing in Division 2. Notably, Team Secret finished as the first runner-up at TI11, falling to Tundra Esports’ underhanded tactics in the championship match. Despite their poor performance, hardly one predicted that Fnatic would finish last year.

The Nigma Route is travelled by Team Secret 

Having only won one series over this entire tour, Team Secret is currently last in the standings, adjacent to Nigma Galaxy. The powerhouse is in an awkward circumstance. Since Miroslav “BOOM” Bian was the only player they switched out for, Micha “Nisha” Jankowski was still their carry player.

However, it appears that Secret needs to improve its formation before taking on the WEU leaders, even though I don’t mean to detract from the accomplishments of the WEU competitors. With Nigma, there is only one more series left. With plenty of time to think things over, Secret will be able to gauge how they will do on the next Tour.

Nigma still has the same four founding members on its lineup from when it won TI7 and finished second at TI9. Over the past two Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) seasons, carry players have changed frequently, but Nigma has consistently been a let-down. As a matter of fact, Nigma might ruin the play for Secret following their match, demoting both teams to Division 2.

Downwards into the SEA

BOOM Esports and Fnatic are competing to stay relevant in Southeast Asia. As BOOM and Fnatic both blatantly lack the execution of a scalable late-game potential, many fans are criticising the veteran teams’ inability to execute viable draughts. Instead, they continue to rely on overused strategies that can be readily defeated by opponents who express their messages more effectively.

BOOM is making every effort to stay in the top six, but despite this, they will still miss the Lima Major. However, they may be able to recover in time for the following major. If they lose their next matches against Talon Esports and Excecration, Fnatic, who is presently in last position, could find themselves in Division 2.

The debut of Newcomers at Lima Major 2023

The desire of many new DPC teams of making their Major debut is coming true with only one week left in DPC 2023 Division 1. The three SEA places are up for grabs Execration, Geek Slate, and Blacklist International. In the meantime, Talon Esports and Bleed Esports are vying for the same slots.

In the meanwhile, Lima Major Fans may look forward to seeing some well-known figures from the WEU region. With its new power forward Nisha, Team Liquid has dominated Division 1 with a perfect record. Although they are yet to play their final matches against OG and Entity, they have already qualified because of their outstanding performances.

Being the reigning TI Champion, Tundra Esports was able to maintain its relevance. While OG and Gaimin Gladiators would narrowly miss out on WEU spots at Lima Major. Speaking of OG, Ammar “ATF” Al-Assaf must be chewing himself right now because his previous team is doing just fine without him. He recently left OG for Nigma.

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