Today's anime news is about Comikey Adding 4 More Manga and Dragon Ball Super

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The first news is about Comikey Adds Four Additional Manga from Coamix. On Wednesday, Comikey revealed that it has obtained four additional manga licences from Coamix. The service currently has all four manga titles available. Today’s anime news is about Comikey Adding 4 More Manga and Dragon Ball Super

Title: The Kabuki Adventure of Keiji (Maeda Keiji Kabuki Tabi, pictured bottom right in image above)

Tetsuo Hara, Nobuhiko Horie, and Masato Deguchi are the author(s) of the story (story)

Summary: The fabled Battle of Sekigahara took place a year ago. The Land of the Rising Sun is now at peace thanks to the Tokugawa Shogunate. However, the dashingly conceited Maeda Keiji finds this new world devoid of conflict to be, well, fairly dull.

Title: Mother Parasite (bottom left)

Author(s): Hirohisa Sato

Summary: In appearance, middle schooler Ryota Miki and his adoptive mother appear to get along. She is, however, genuinely scared of her son’s every action behind the scenes because he is secretly monitoring all of her errors. His classmate Kaoru Kasai, who thinks his helicopter mother is to blame for his bullying, is tired of his helicopter mother. After Ryota one day helps to save Kaoru, a tense friendship begins. Learn more about the youngster who is driven to find the ideal mother in this psychological suspense novel!

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Title: Shigahime (top left)

Author(s): Hirohisa Sato

Summary: A typical high school student, Osamu Hirota is. That is until a nearby town student named Soichi offers to accompany him to a secret home where he would meet a seductress. When Miwako emerges, a curvaceous woman, she reaches inside Soichi and tears out his heart as she is getting dressed! Hirota awakens the next morning. A dream, was it all? Or have we only recently begun to let the shadows of this ominous and tense tale slip?

Title: Tokyo Duel (Tokyo Ketto Kanjōsen, top right)

Author(s): Toshiaki Yamada

Summary: The “Tokyo Loop Line Duels,” a government-funded programme of organised violence, is pushed in post-war Japan as a way to uphold law and order. On the Yamanote line, representatives from each station engage in a conflict about who will dominate their region. Any loss could result in losing friends, family, money, or even worse. 2020 has come and gone, and a new station has been established. Everyone is eager to enter the competition for the top slot, even the well-liked youngster Koinosuke. Is he going to win? Or will they all perish in violence?

The second news is about The History of Cell Max is Disclosed in Dragon Ball Super

The most recent chapter of the manga has provided the first glimpse at how this new form of the android came into existence, even if Dragon Ball Super may have debuted a monster new version of Cell during the conclusion of the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero feature film released worldwide last year! Fans are now beginning to see how Dr. Hedo’s varied ideas came to pass thanks to the latest episode of the series, which has slightly expanded upon previous episodes in order to further fill in the gaps that contributed to the events of the film.

Despite being very different from his infamous prior incarnation, Cell Max was the main antagonist at the conclusion of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. The antagonist was accompanied by a considerably more powerful, Kaiju-sized variant that was quite challenging to destroy. The most recent book in the series provided readers with their first glimpse of Cell Max, an android created by Dr. Hedo, along with a set of original blueprints when it was still very early in the process of development.

Is Cell Max Making an Appearance in the Dragon Ball Super Manga?

After Trunks and Goten successfully stole a mysterious disc from Dr. Hedo’s lab, Dragon Ball Super picks up in Chapter 89, and there is a glimpse of Cell Max, just as Dr. Gero had hinted at in relation to the disc’s connection to him. Due to the disc’s extreme encryption, Trunks can hardly decipher any of the actual information on it, although he does notice that a miniature version of Cell Max is now under creation. Fans already know what kind of menace this develops into even though it is immediately dismissed.

These developments might not entirely play out in the manga since the most recent chapter of the book also continues the Superhero arc, which sets up the next movie. Since it doesn’t happen until much later, there’s not a lot of possibilities that Cell Max will appear to battle Goten and Trunks at any time in the episode. However, we might see another experimental form of the android as a test of some type.

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