Tōdai Revengers, a manga based on the Tokyo Revengers franchise, ends at volume 6

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The Tōdai Revengers (Tokyo University Revengers) manga by Shinpei Funatsu, a spinoff of Ken Wakui’s Tokyo Revengers manga, revealed in its fifth volume on Tuesday that the spinoff series will conclude in its sixth volume, which will be released on May 17. The spinoff manga was released by Funatsu in November 2021 on the Magazine Pocket website and app by Kodansha. Michitake, a graduate of Tokyo University who is still a virgin and finds himself without a job, is the subject of the narrative. When he marries the only woman he has ever loved, a Kei Institution alumnus, something inside of him is set off, and he suddenly finds himself seven years ago, back at his university. Tōdai Revengers, a manga based on the Tokyo Revengers franchise, ends at volume 6

About a manga based on the Tokyo Revengers franchise

In Kodansha’s Weekly Shnen Magazine in March 2017, Wakui published the first chapter of the Tokyo Revengers manga. The series concluded in November. The manga’s 31st and last volume were released on January 17 by Kodansha. Over 70 million copies of the manga are now in use. The manga’s special arc will be unveiled by Wakui around November 2023, and his Tokyo Revengers Extra offshoot will be serialised in Kodansha’s Weekly Shnen Magazine.

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The manga is being published in English both digitally and physically by Kodansha USA Publishing in omnibus volumes. In April 2021, the MBS channel broadcast a television anime adaptation. The anime was shown live on Crunchyroll as it was in Japan. The “Seiya Kessen” (“Christmas Showdown”) arc of the manga is being covered by the Tokyo Revengers: Christmas Showdown sequel anime, which debuted on January 7.

In Japan in 2021, the manga’s first live-action movie, which debuted in July, ranked top among all live-action movies. Chi no Halloween -Unmei- (Bloody Halloween -Fate-), the first of the two live-action sequels, will premiere in Japan during the springtime vacation known as Golden Week. Chi no Halloween -Kessen (Bloody Halloween -Decisive Battle) is the title of the second movie, which will be released in the summer.

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