Tips to maintain high KD in Free Fire MAX

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Free Fire MAX is a major Battle Royale game. The game – Free Fire MAX – has been downloaded millions of times with the help of its premium quality graphics and excellent dynamics. With weapons such as assault rifles, SMGs, LMGs, and shotguns, gamers experience a happy life. Tips to maintain high KD in Free Fire MAX.

However, with such a wide range of weapons, it is sometimes difficult for players to choose the right weapon for themselves. Players who play more in rank mode always try to keep their stats on the good side. This includes a high K / D ratio and a good headshot percentage.

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Top 5 tips for maintaining a 3+ K / D ratio

1) Get more BOOYAHs

To increase your KD ratio, win a match. This is comparable to the first point that you must live to the end while avoiding death. If you hit double-digit in multiple battles and die in each battle, your KD will not grow or increase. 

2) Strive till the end 

The KD ratio is calculated by dividing the total number of deaths by the total number of deaths. So, to get a good ratio, you have to die less often and hit more in each game. High-quality players like Grandmaster, Heroic, and Rushers will do just that. They will take 4-5 buoys in a row which are well beaten.

3) Make a teammate that has low rankings

Freefire MAX has a ranking system and players will be matched based on their rank. If they are given a higher rank, they will have to face players with the same rank. So, if you play with a new account, you will be on par with players with lower ranks or novices.

4) Safer landing spot

Landing spots can be very important in the game and if you land on a hot drop place, you will be sent back to the lobby in a minute. Drop sites have a big impact on the team, whether you play with strangers or with your friends. Those who want to improve their KD ratio or move up the rank should avoid hot drops.

Final words 

For some players, the KD ratio is everything in the game and they want to increase it somehow. Here are the best tips to easily increase the KD ratio in Free Fire MAX, which is an enhanced version of the recently released Freefire. Free Fire MAX is an enhanced version of Garena’s final Battle Royale game that was released globally on September 28, 2021. The new version comes with improved features like a 360-degree lobby and craft land with improved graphics. Garena’s devs have ensured that both games are well synchronized so that players will not experience any changes in the gameplay experience.

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