The Top 5 Anime Cats (Ranked)

We've put up a list of the best anime cats and what makes them unforgettable.

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Cats steal hearts in real life, and they have a particular place in the hearts of anime fans as well. Even if you are not a cat owner, there is a good chance that these feline creatures will make you fall in love with their cute personalities, unique abilities, and characteristics. There have been numerous cat characters in prominent anime series such as Dragon Ball, One Piece, and others. These characters, who might be supporting or main characters, captivate anime viewers all over the world. Therefore we’ve put up a list of the best anime cats and what makes them unforgettable. The Top 5 Anime Cats (Ranked)

Anime Cats with the Most Fans (2023)

1. Korin from Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball was many OG fans’ first anime before Death Note became their entry point into the anime world. It introduced us to the world of anime and Korin, an immortal cat. Korin is an 800 years old wise cat in the Dragon Ball universe. He is also known as Karin and is a martial arts master. He is an expert in martial arts and is dubbed “The God of Martial Arts” in the anime. A fun fact about this anime cat is that the author, Akira Toriyama, based Korin’s design on his own cat. Korin’s eyes are constantly closed since he drew him while his cat was asleep. It’s a sweet little detail that adds depth to Korin’s character. He was also an important supporting character, teaching our hero Goku from the start.

2. Doraemon from Doraemon

Doraemon is the only cat whose name is the title of an anime show and who has ruled the hearts of millions of admirers for years. Doraemon, despite being a children’s anime, was a huge success from the start. Even grownups nowadays rewatch this anime to relive the nostalgia. Furthermore, when it was dubbed and distributed in worldwide territories such as India, Bangladesh, and others, its popularity surged. Doraemon is thus an irreplaceable legend in the history of animation.

Doraemon is a robotic cat from the future who was brought back in time to the owner’s great-great-grandfather, Nobita Nobi. It was provided particularly to assist Nobita in becoming a great person in his life. The primary hue of this cat with a gadget pouch is blue. Yet, his face and stomach are white in hue. Doraemon has long been a fan favourite and continues to fascinate children to this day. Doraemon, unquestionably one of the best anime cats, will continue his exciting trip for future generations.

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3. Arthur from Code Geass

Code Geass is one of the greatest anime series ever made, and even has a cat character to prove it (just kidding!). Arthur is the name of the black cat who appears in several episodes of the Code Geass anime. Although the cat was given a masculine name, it was proven on Twitter that Arthur is a female. Because of her name, many people mistook her for a man. 

Arthur is a black stray cat that the Third Princess Euphemia adopted. She was later seen on the school grounds when she relocated here. She is more of a comedy relief character, since she can be seen holding Lelouch’s mask and occasionally biting Suzaku. Unlike many of the other cats on this list, he has no supernatural or magical talents; he is simply a cute Neko.

4. Meowth from  Pokémon

Nobody can forget Team Rocket from the Pokemon series, which was a significant part of our childhoods. Meowth, along with Jessie and James, was a member of Team Rocket who was always making us laugh. He is so well-known in the fandom that even those who haven’t seen the Pokemon series may recognise him. Also, he is one of the talking feline characters on our list. In fact, he is thought to be the only talking Pokémon who can communicate with his owners in their native language. It is what distinguishes his character. Furthermore, if you haven’t noticed, Meowth resembles the maneki-neko (a famous cat figurine in Japan). He is the mind behind Team Rocket and has enthralled followers all over the world. 

5. Sorata from Sekaiichi Hatsukoi

Sekaiichi Hatsukoi (aka World’s Greatest First Love) is one of the best BL animes to come out in the previous ten years. Sorata, a charming tiny double-colored cat, appears in the anime. Sorata’s family abandoned him and left him in an alley inside a little box. On a rainy day in high school, our protagonist Masamune Takano rescued this sad young Nekowh and began nurturing him. Ultimately, this adorable cat received the love he deserved and matured over the next ten years. Takafumi Yokozawa, Takano’s ex-lover, also raised him. Yokozowa offered Sorata to Hiyori Kirishima because she had long wished a cat, but he was forced to do so as his workload increased. Sorata is having the time of his life and has always been in wonderful hands. Sorata can read, just like the rest of us, according to an anniversary interview, and his favoured genre is non-fiction.

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