The Penta Pro Series Valorous Tournament was won by Bleed Esports

By Naman Alok | Dec 26, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


After two weeks of fierce competition, from December 12 to December 24, with a total prize fund of $30,000 USD, the Penta Pro Series Valorant tournament has finally selected its winner (INR 24,76,697). The final official VCT Offseason tournament of the year featured a dramatic grand final between Bleed Esports and BOOM Esports, with the best-of-five series going the distance with both the directly invited teams from Southeast Asia turning in outstanding performances. Following an exchange of maps where both teams were successful in winning on their respective picks, Bleed was able to exact the last blow against BOOM in the final game, which was played on Pearl. Bleed Esports emerged as the winners of the Penta Pro Series and received $18,000 (INR 14,86,878) in prize money with the scoreboard reading “3-2”.

In the Penta Pro Series Valorous final, Bleed Esports overcomes BOOM Esports

Teams from India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and Singapore were invited to the final South Asian and Southeast Asian VCT Offseason tournament of 2022, which was hosted by Penta Esports. The South Asia Qualifier and Main Event were the two stages that served as a general division of the overall tournament. In the first stage, eight teams contested, including six teams from India and one team each from Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

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Only two teams—Velocity Gaming and Revenant Esports—made it through this stage, joining Bleed Esports and BOOM Esports, two teams from the SEA area that received direct invitations. In a round-robin format, the four teams competed against one another, and the two representatives from the SEA managed to advance to the grand final by taking the top two spots on the table.

Both teams gave it their all in the championship game, which was on a whole other level, to win the Penta Pro Series. Following a dramatic set of matches, BOOM managed to win Breeze and Ascent while Bleed managed to win Haven and Icebox. Both players played to their strengths by selecting their respective winning maps.

It all came down to the final game on Pearl, but no team was willing to concede because they were now only one game away from winning the championship. After a rocky beginning, Bleed showed off a magnificent series of executions to gain a two-round lead at the halftime interval. This was followed by sporadic success in the second half, which was sufficient to retain its lead until the last round. As they wrap out the year with a victory and demonstrate that they are gradually moving up the ladder within the SEA area, Bleed Esports achieved a hard-fought victory.

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