The Path of Blood: Episode 5 Season 2 Vinland Saga

The series premiered on July 8, 2019, and ran for 24 episodes. The anime covers the first arc of the manga

Cradit- Netflix
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Vinland Saga is a Japanese historical manga series written and illustrated by Makoto Yukimura. The anime adaptation of the series is produced by Wit Studio, the studio behind Attack on Titan and The Ancient Magus’ Bride, and directed by Shūhei Yabuta. The series premiered on July 8, 2019, and ran for 24 episodes. The anime covers the first arc of the manga, which focuses on the life of a Viking warrior named Thorfinn and his journey to avenge his father’s death. The series features an all-star voice cast, including Yûto Uemura as Thorfinn, Naoya Uchida as Askeladd, and Akio Ohtsuka as Thorkell. Vinland Saga has been highly praised for its historical accuracy and attention to detail, as well as its compelling characters and story. The Path of Blood: Episode 5 Season 2 Vinland Saga

Overview of Vinland Saga Season 2: Episode 5 King Sweyn of Denmark passed away, and after losing its king, England was once more at war

Cradit- Netflix

Canute remembers Askeladd aiming his sword at King Sweyn. King Sweyn is beheaded by Askeladd after the latter reveals his true identity and claims to be Britannia’s legitimate ruler. The death of Danish King Sweyn in 1014 brought an end to the Danes’ long-standing rule over England. Canute took over for his father Sweyn as the leader of the Danish viking army in England during the current conflict between Denmark and England. Ethelred II was restored after his Normandy exile. Both declared themselves to be the King of England, and the struggle for the crown continued.

When Canute arrives in Mercia, Gunnar remarks that the situation there is worse than they had anticipated and that it will take some time for Mercia to recover. Gunnar is warned by Canute not to act as though they were uninvolved in Mercia’s predicament. Canute inquires about the soldiers and camps he sees. They are their army’s advance force, Gunnar explains, and they took control of this area. Gunnar claims they are naturally pillaging the land and stealing females from the beggars to sell, while Canute insists he meant what they were doing. Canute remembers that he had forbidden it, so he orders Gunnar to have the men beheaded and display their heads on the highway.

When Canute asks Floki if the plans have been made, Floki replies in the affirmative but adds that he didn’t have to meet them and that he ought to have let him take care of the situation. Earl Eadric of Mercia, according to Floki, is a coward and not someone you should meet. Canute, however, asserts that a person’s usefulness and character are two distinct things. Canute still has plans to meet with him and assess him personally. Canute adds that he came for still another reason. Thorkell cries Canute’s name and rushes at him at that precise moment. Canute says he needs to please Thorkell since he thinks Floki and his soldiers couldn’t handle him.

Thorkell approaches Canute, but many men stop him so that he doesn’t approach too closely. Then Thorkell screams that he detests having his battles interrupted more than he despises frogs. Canute argues that Mercia asked for a truce and that their victory in this battle is assured. Thorkell disagrees since, in his opinion, a combat doesn’t end until the other side’s leader is killed, and he was about to kill Eadric. Thorkell only cares about living a fulfilling life of combat, despite Canute’s advice to consider the wider picture and the fact that Eadric is only the ruler of this area. Thorkell shouts at Floki, telling him that he chooses where he travels and who he battles, despite Floki’s explanation that Ethelred’s son Edmund is moving forward in the east and would welcome Thorkell’s assistance. 

Thorkell then turns to Canute and expresses his hope that he won’t have forgotten what he previously told him: that he will be observing what he does and who he becomes. Canute is still a child and a nobody, according to Thorkell. Canute won’t be able to avoid battle and will be forced, like Askeladd before him, to chisel his way through with iron and blood. Once the soldiers holding him are gone, Thorkell makes the decision to give up for the day. Gunnar cautions Canute not to ignore Thorkell’s transgression, but Canute counters that Thorkell gave a wise warning.

Later, when Canute meets with Eadric, he is with Gunnar and Floki. Eadric hands him 4000 pounds of silver and explains that this is all they were able to collect at the moment. Eadric says he hopes Canute accepts the offer and adds that they will give him an extra 4,000 pounds if Canute withdraws his troops from Mercia. Canute says the silver is insufficient after taking a look. Canute cautions Eadric to consider his words carefully. He reminds him that he is the king and that the price he is offering to pay for him to leave his own country is an insult to a king. Canute claims that he did not travel to his realm in search of riches but rather to put an end to the uprising. Eadric tells his son to remain quiet when he claims that Ethelred is their king. Canute acknowledges that there is a second person who claims to be the king and questions whether Ethelred approved of their proposition. If they explain the matter to Ethelred, Eadric is confident that she would comprehend. Canute is shocked that Ethelred would pardon a subordinate for fleeing to defend his own territory. 

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Ethelred is a coward who deserted his people and crown to go into exile during the previous war, according to Canute, and he or he must die. Canute believes it is foolish to put such a guy in charge of England’s destiny. Eadric is perplexed by Canute’s apparent advice to betray Ethelred, but Canute claims he has already done so. Eadric is willing to help Canute, and he probably knows how to get rid of Ethelred. Eadric will keep Marcia in return. The cease-fire is broken as Eadric refuses in a furious manner. Eadric isn’t a coward, Canute says Floki, and Floki suggests they put that to the test. Eadric is then instructed by Canute to accompany him outside.

Canute issues the command to start the signal fire outside. Eadric questions what Canute is doing. Then, his kid shows more signal fires. That is what it means to declare war on him, according to Canute, and to picture Marcia being reduced to ash. As Canute declares that reducing him to ashes won’t be a problem at all, Eadric is astonished by the numerous signal fires. Canute advises him to make a wise decision and offer him Ethelred’s head in exchange for peace. King Ethelred II of England passes away from a “illness” in April of the next year, 1016. Edmund, who succeeded him as king after he passed away and caused Canute problems in their conflict, reigned for seven months before also passing away from a “illness”

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Asgeir points out that while King Sweyn’s conquest of the country took ten years, this one took just three. Early in the next year, Canute would be formally crowned as Bretwalda. Thorkell, meanwhile, is not interested in hearing more about Canute because it will ruin his beer.

Canute succeeds to the throne of England in the year 1018 as a result of the unnatural deaths of his competitors.

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